About Us 
Screen South is a Creative Development agency delivering and supporting innovative projects across screen-based media and the wider cultural and creative industries. We are a resource and broker that helps people get their ideas off the ground and supports delivery locally, nationally and internationally .

Our overarching aim is to contribute to stimulating a competitive, successful and vibrant, creative industry and culture, and to promote its growth, enjoyment and understanding locally and internationally.

Screen South is passionate about developing and contributing to a dynamic environment in which film and screen-based media culture can flourish.

Our priorities include :
  • Collaborate with partner organisations to develop hubs of Creative activity and business expertise  
  • Act as an advocate for the screen media and wilder creative industries nationally and internationally
  • Encourage networking and collaboration between media and creative practitioners
  • Work with the industry and policy partners to set standards for excellence, creativity and innovation
  • Explore creative ways of developing audiences for screen and wider creative media, promoting opportunities for education and wider access
  • Act as a route for the flow of information between organisations and practitioners  

Areas of activity that Screen South covers include:

  • Production & Development service and delivery
  • International brokering 
  • Training
  • Creative Project Management

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Screen South is a company limited by guarantee registered in England number 4290554.
Registered Office: The Wedge, 75-81 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1JR

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