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Film Education & Audiences

For details on funding and strategy for film audience development and education please contact the following organisations:

BFI Into Film Artswork Film Hub South East

Screen South are also proud to be a key delivery partner for the BFI Film Academy.

Recent Activities

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Screen South's Aims

Screen South is aiming to encourage audiences to actively engage with the films they see through supporting various education initiatives in the area. Many of the cinemas run education-based screenings in conjunction with Film Education Week and most of the film festivals based in the area have a strong educational strand to their programming and events.


Moving image education is right at the heart of Screen South’s plan. We are aiming to give advice and support to on-going projects and to find creative ways to generate new education initiatives with people of all ages and backgrounds through partnerships with schools, colleges, libraries, museums and community groups. From informal education to curriculum related study, Screen South is committed to extend the reach of moving image education and to raise the profile and importance of understanding the media and the moving image.

Our Vision

Screen South has a number of priorities for screen education in the region. These are:

  • To widen access to a diverse range of moving image media to all audiences.
  • To nurture critical skills and analysis and increase understanding and enjoyment of film
  • To promote creativity and enhance understanding through video and film production and related activities.

We aim to put these priorities into practise by working alongside our local and regional partners and encouraging new projects through our funding scheme.

Screen South is also keen to change the image of moving image education as a ‘soft option’. The South East has the most successful regional economy in the country and one area of growth is in communications and media. There are real opportunities for young people entering the workforce to find employment in media related industries in both a creative and technical capacity. Media related study is valuable for a very broad spectrum of careers and can provide useful transferable skills which children, young people and adults can take across a range of career options. Screen South is also here to support those teachers, lecturers and trainers who deliver media and film related education to people in the South East.

The creation of the MEA back in June signalled the successful culmination of months of hard work by a steering group consisting of representatives from the British Film Institute, Film Education, English and Media Centre, In the Picture and others. The MEA aims to provide members with a comprehensive website that will develop and support an active online community, designed to facilitate communication between those teaching media from primary school level right through to further education and beyond. As well as access to a comprehensive database of resources, teachers will be able to swap ideas, ask for advice or simply keep up to date with the latest developments in media education.

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