Who We Are 
Managing Director 

Jo Nolan                                        jo.nolan@screensouth.org

Head of Business Development and Kent Heritage,
100 Miles for 100 Years Project Manager

Darrienne Price      darrienne.price@screensouth.org

Projects and Office Coordinator, PA to MD (part-time)

Projects and Office Coordinator, PA to MD

Barbara Welch                        Barbara.welch@screensouth.org
Digital Administrator (part-time) 

Chris Lightwing                       chris.lightwing@screensouth.org 

Head of Accentuate Programme (part-time)

Esther Fox                           esther.fox@accentuateuk.org

Accentuate History of Place Project Manager

Katie Ann Smith


Accentuate History of Place Project Manager
Paul Homer

 Accentuate History of Place Project Coordinator, Bristol (part-time)

Grace Swordy                          grace.swordy@accentuateuk.org 

Accentuate History of Place Project Coordinator, Liverpool

Kerry Massheder-Rigby                         kerry.massheder-rigby@accentuateuk.org