FUSE Year 1 

These 8 short films were commissioned by the Ignition Network under the FUSE strand. To read about the other films commissioned through FLARE and SPARK, please click on the two strands. Click on the images to view the films on the Random Acts website and other official sites.



Production Partner
South East Dance

Written & Directed by Sidonie Carey

I grew up in Maidstone in Kent, before moving to Plymouth in 2011 to complete a BA in Dance Theatre. During this time I was involved with many film projects both in front and behind the camera. I featured in a successful music video and created my first dance film piece in 2011 with fellow dance and film students. Since then, I have completed a Masters degree in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban, which gave me the opportunity to focus on film as my artistic practice. I have created three 15 minute features whilst at Laban, all of which can be accessed via the links below. My most recent film project ran as a month long experiment with autobiographical film, and this is where I became interested in working with rural places. Although most of my film work has been exhibited in exhibition spaces, I have some knowledge of film for other platforms from working with cinematographer Jack Mullner, whose work is featured in online platforms and for promotional material. His company, Puzzle Media, and work can be accessed below. Jack has also mentored me on my latest projects since leaving Laban. As an artist I sit between the disciplines of performance, film, choreography and visual arts.

Additional Links:

• Mirrored Realities Film 1 Film 2 (two films played together in an installation)
Dancing in December (residency at the Beany in Canterbury)
Puzzle Media

Spacial Endeavours

Spacial Endeavours

Production Partner
Turner Contemporary

Director - Marcia Rumsey

Marcia studies Art, Media Studies, Psychology and Sociology at A-Level. She wanted to take part in this project as she has a keen interest in film and hopes to go on to do a degree in film production at university. There is very little opportunity in the local area to get involved in film projects so Marcia was enthusiastic to get involved in this one. It allows her to 'express her creativity and turn her ideas into film.'

Producer – Max Philo

Concept Devised by:

Thomas Declerck
Kate Cutler Mackenzie
Gabriel Parker
Cyd Pompom
Lizzy Rose
Marcia Rumsey

Pull Tag Knot

Pull Tag Knot

Production Partner
Resource Productions

Written & Directed by Ayesha Ramsay

Ayesha Ramsay is a 23 year old graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth's Film Production degree course and the writer/director of the short film, Relax. Having been an artistic and creative individual from a young age, Ayesha?s first passions of theatre and dance eventually developed into a love for film and photography. By living in both Jamaica and the UK has given her diverse cultural experiences that reflect within her creative work.

Having always been fascinated by the emotional effect film has on the spectator, she participated in a youth summer film course with Resource Productions as a teenager, which solidified her passion for the art of film making. She found film making a way of combining all art forms into one whole medium. From creating films with a social message "The Beauty of Life" whilst still at school to adapting plays to short films in college "4.48 Psychosis" Ayesha has carried out a range of creative creative roles at a young age.

To further develop her technical ability she studied at the Arts University Bournemouth and by specialising within the cinematography department she was able to learn about the psychological and emotive effects of the „film image? on the audience. This has improved the quality of her work and enhanced her unique visual style which can be seen in her graduation film "Springhill Jack". Ayesha aspires to be a film maker with a highly stylised aesthetic, coupled with emotive messages about the world we live in today. Since graduation she was showed perseverance and determination to break into the industry by never giving up, volunteering and freelancing in between a regular day-job. This led to her being commissioned by Screen South?s Ignition Network to make her Random Act: Pull Tag Knot.

1st AD & Assistant Producer - Andrew St Maur

Andrew was 17 when he first became seriously interested in film making and wanting to pursue it as a career. It was then that he first got involved with Resource Productions to develop his skills, initially as an actor in the award-winning short "Kharon".

He had previously been solely interested in acting, was part of a drama club for 10 years and studying the craft of acting at school up to A-Level. Although he continued to act, Andrew?s Filmmaking experience on Firstlight funded short "Wasteland" as part of Pinewood Young Filmmakers, this led him to attend the University of Central Lancashire on their film production course, aiming to develop his skills as a Director. Whilst at University Andrew Directed a feature film in his second year as part of the course, as well as numerous short films. His skills as a director and a producer both improved, with the latter suiting his natural communication and coordination skills very well. Using what he had learnt over the years he achieved a first class honours degree and is now looking to develop his own production company focusing mainly on short film productions.

DOP - Poppy Rogers

Home educated until the age of seventeen, during which time she acted in a number of TV and Feature Film productions, Poppy, graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2014 with a BA in Film Production, (specialising in Cinematography). Poppy began working freelance in TV and Film as a camera trainee and as much as she enjoyed working in this capacity on large scale productions, she thrives working with smaller crews and having more creative input, so become involved in a collaborative called Hot Beef Sundae, which specialises in lifestyle, commercial and documentary production. Poppy currently lives on a Narrow Boat and her time is divided between working on projects with Hot Beef Sundae and working freelance as a camera operator / self shooting PD with her own Sony FS7. Working with Hot Beef Sundae as a Producer/Director can involve pitching, writing, DOPing and occasionally editing, depending on the production. This summer she Co-Directed her first commercial in Ibiza for a travel company, Together. Poppy believes her strengths lie in having a creative eye, an active imagination and being able to capture natural moments cinematically. She aims to continue building a career by honing her skills, creating pieces of filmmaking with value that might spark imagination and have some impact on their viewers.

Art Director - Amber Rose Exall

Amber is a passionate and highly driven individual who thrives on new challenges and strives to succeed in everything she does. As a First Class Honours graduate in Film and Production Design, she is focused, pro active and organised,. Amber aspires to gain new opportunities and learn new skills for her career in film and television. Her key skills include; Art Direction and Team Management, in depth research and attention to detail, Fine Art: Painting, drawing and collage, Technical drawing and scaling set designs, Model making of architectural sets and props, Construction of staged sets, Scenic Painting: Ageing and refining sets and props, Photoshop: Montage, retouching and colour, InDesign software and understanding and experience in health and safety measures. Amber?s work experience includes; Art Department Runner, for 'Eddie the Eagle' & Costume Daily, Pre Production for 'Eddie the Eagle'- April 2015, Art Technician, Wilmington Grammar School for Boys - August - December 2014, Runner, The Mill, Post Production House - April 2011, Runner, Pre Production set of Ridley Scott's 'Robin Hood' - June 2009, Runner, BBC's 'The One Show' - June 2009, Runner, September Films 'Richard Hammond's Blast Lab' - June 2009.

Not Just War

Not Just War

Production Partner
Film Oxford

Directed by Samuel Herklots

Currently studying Media Studies A level, Sam is member of the Digital Youth group at the education and creative charity, Film Oxford. He has previously written, shot, directed and edited a 72-minute film drama at the age of 13.

• Wrote, filmed, directed and edited a 72 minute film at the age of 13/14: www.youtube.com

How to Build a Trap and Place Yourself Within

6 Artists Walk Into a Physics Lab

How to Build a Trap and Place Yourself Within

Production Partner
Wysing Arts Centre

Lead Creative - Chris Alton

Chris Alton's performative work often draws upon multiple, seemingly un-associated, cultural phenomena. Whether deploying disco music against xenophobia or playing table tennis in competition with aggressive architecture, he seeks to highlight unlikely parallels and produce bizarre situations across many disciplines. This desire stems from his Quaker upbringing, which resonates throughout his practice, often resulting in subversive and embellished work with an eye for contradictions.

Alton has been included in many group exhibitions, such as Lewisham Arthouse (2015), Nice Gallery (2015) - which he also curated, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London (2014/2015), The Old Truman Brewery (2014) and Public Space One, Iowa (2014).


Lead Creative - Calum Bowden

Calum Bowden's work explores the paradoxes and ironies of the networked universe we live in, through research, multi-media installations and performances that mediate between online and offline space. Bowden investigates the lived realities of contemporary scientific practices, exploring the social, cultural, and ethical implications of technology on our lives. Bowden?s texts have been published in The Inkling (2013/14 Anthology) and Disc magazine issue 1. He has exhibited at the Gulbenkian Gallery, Royal College of Art (2014) and had residencies at metaLAB (at) Harvard University(20) Technology, Japan (2014).


Lead Creative - Gordon Douglas

Gordon Douglas considers himself an artist, producer and collaborator, currently working in groups and partnerships with fellow artists, designers and practitioners. He is interested in the authority within cultural design, instigating collaborative bodies in an attempt to understand shared responsibility & collective thinking within civic orchestration and curatorial strategy. Douglas? work aims to interrogate & indulge in the cultural industries that influence & govern the public sphere.

Douglas had recent projects at Intermedia, CCA Glasgow (2015), South Block Studios, (2014), the Capital of Culture Festival, Guimaraes (2013) and Platform Easterhouse, Glasgow (2013).


Lead Creative - Henry Driver

Henry Driver uses analogue photography, digital moving image, sound, sculpture, installation, interactivity & game design to delve deeply into both physical aspects as well as the digital. Driver uses his work to examine this intersection between virtual space and physical. His work is driven by technology and how it affects us, as well how we interact and communicate with it.

Driver?s work has headlined at several international video art festivals, including Channels Surf, Channels, Melbourne (2013); Ikono on Air Festival, Berlin (2013), and Tele-Visions, Sydney (2013). His work has also been shown at Tate Britain (2014 & 2015), Tate Liverpool (2014) and Vivid Projects, Birmingham (2015). Website: http://www.henrydriverartist.com/

Lead Creative - George Harding

George Harding?s practise situates itself somewhere between research based enquiry & looser explorations of material. The premise that objects, whether out of print 'LIFE' magazines from the early 70s or surplus cinderblocks, do not have an absolute purpose or meaning, and can be reappropriated both physically and contextually for a range of different purposes. His passion for observing life through the eyes of many, in multiple perspectives and having the ability to subvert that view has a clear influence on his work.


Lead Creative - Steph Li

Steph Li?s practice is multi-disciplinary with a strong sculptural element. She frequently produces site-specific work, looking at how things oscillate in composition between a part and the whole. Li?s interest in the context and atmosphere in which something exists - the movement from something to something else, existing simultaneously between the physical present, the solidity of the past and a timeless virtual space - creates a strong theme than runs through her work. The crux of Li?s practice is a hypothesizing of potentials – of how things work, a breaking down of notions into components and building blocks, a re-arranging, and a working out.

Li has exhibited at Haus am Lutzowplatz and University of the Arts, Berlin (2013) and Spike Island, Bristol (2014).

Website: http://stephtl17.wix.com/steph-li

Lead Creative - Helen Savage

Helen Savage is an interdisciplinary artist, using material and immaterial processes to explore the placement of contrasting systems of perception next to one another. The main themes explored in her work are the everyday, the imaginary, the popular, the real and the unreal. Savage continually attempts to visualise a physical and physiological orientation in the contemporary landscape; with an interest in adopting the language and terms of an explorer, and aligning herself with the 20th C figure of the Flaneur. She „ventures out? into the city or into the Internet to accumulate and absorb information and images to bring back and re-combine in order to understand her relationship to them.

Savage has exhibited at Vyner Street Gallery (2013), Bombast, Dalston (2013) and The Albert, London (2014).

Lead Creative - Sophia Simensky

Sophia Simensky approaches performance as a material, a conversation or a shared experience; interrogating its visceral qualities, live-ness and challenging its institutionalised boundaries and preconceptions of a theatrical event. Working largely with live art and theatre design, she concentrates on how this background might manifest itself though constructed environments, sculpture and forms of linguistic and physical interaction, negotiating the space between fine and applied art.

Simensky has designed for performances at Jackson?s Lane (2014), Theatre 503 (2014 & 2015) and has taken part in residencies in Brussels (2013), Metal, Liverpool (2014) and Le Plongeoir, Lyon (2015).

Website: http://www.sophia-simensky.com/

Lead Creative - Ben Tupper

Ben Tupper?s work manifests itself primarily through found and readymade objects presented alongside video installations. These films use aspects of canonical literature to form meandering narratives that operate within predominantly domestic landscapes. His practice has recently operated around an increasingly transdisciplinary approach. Having previously worked with mostly wall-based paintings, he is now exploring ideas through video, sculpture and both fictional and critical writing.

Lead Creative - Jules Varnedoe

In-depth research forms a strong part of Varnedoe?s trans-disciplinary practice. This research is interwoven with a more physical practice that engages with manipulation of spaces and objects. He tries to apply a hacker mentality to his studio work, repurposing materials, technologies and ideas to create new environments or systems that act as both cognitive and affective stimulus for the audience and the artist. To this end, his work often manifests as installations that usually include elements of sculpture, sound, video, lighting, space and repurposed or semi-dismantled electronic „gizmos? as components in these systems.

On Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user14509010

Lead Creative - Nathaniel Whitfield

With a research interest in participatory practice and the political potential of art Nathaniel Whitfield is currently looking into the use of over-identification within a neoliberal political sphere. Both the practical, participatory and theoretical components of his work relate to a continued investigation into the inner mechanisms of society, where there is a reverence for the urban fabric but at the same time a hesitation about the effect it may have on its inhabitants. Whitfield has exhibited at The Gingerbread House, Oxford (2013), House of Vostrovska, London (2013), The Dolphin Gallery, Oxford (2014) and The Project Space, Oxford (2014).

Website: www.nathanielwhitfield.com

Ground Mending

Ground Mending

Production Partner
South East Dance

Director/Choreographer – Jemma Gould

As Director/Choreographer, I will be facilitating the creation of the movement material for the piece. Examples of my previous work can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gX5PNonjJ4

The movement is contact-based, with each dancer alternately supporting the other. The pace will begin calm, then build in energy and dynamic. Floor work will be minimal due to the nature of the path floor, but this will help to inform the movement in other ways, such as shifts which remain grounded and expansive lifts which reflect the infinity of the space above and either side of the dancers. To aid this, the dancers will visit the location prior to the development of the choreography.

The choreography for the actor will be very subtle, restricted to the movement of only one hand, but through this he will express the longing for more expansive movement, with flexing and stretching motions.