Real World 
Real World is a joint production initiative between Screen South and the Institute of Development Studies, which aims to find innovative filmmakers from the Screen South region to make a 12 minute documentary film based on one of the Institute’s international research projects. 

The programme was launched in November 2007 and has so far commissioned  filmmakers to shoot films in Brazil, Palestine and Egypt.

Real World is executive produced by Screen South and IDS. 




This poignant and moving film examines how the ancient Egyptian divorce law of khul’ is helping women in modern day Cairo to escape from abusive marriages. 47% of married women in Egypt are affected by domestic violence but whilst khul’ is a crucial law, it can come at a high price. Following the stories of three women, the film explores how khul’ has both helped and hindered them and asks what more now needs to be done.

Director: Lucy Bennett

A Vida Politica

A series of creative films exploring the activism of four Brazilian women, as they demonstrate innovative ways of bringing hidden issues into the public domain... 

Director: Kat Mansoor

Thorns & Silks

Four unusual stories from Palestine, featuring women who work in jobs that are conventionally associated with men. All four of them have the courage to break traditional rules, though not without challenges.

Director: Paulina Tervo