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Exit 6 Film Festival, Basingstoke, 23 Septmeber 2017Exit 6 Film Festival, Basingstoke, 23 Septmeber 2017

News release 14/08/2017

The Exit 6 Film Festival is an international film festival which takes place annually in Basingstoke, UK, at the end of September. The festival is a celebration of independent short film from around the world, providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase and discuss their work, directly connecting with the audience.


It’s a film festival by filmmakers for filmmakers.


The festival gives each filmmaker the opportunity to take part in a Q&A after the screening of their film. The programme also includes industry masterclasses, networking sessions, one-to-one surgeries and panel discussions. In the first year, 41 films from around the world were selected to screen to a sold-out audience, with the majority of filmmakers in attendance.


There is also a weekly blog with articles/interviews by and for filmmakers, posts every Thursday.


The Exit 6 Film Festival takes place on 23 September 2017 in Basingstoke, UK and tickets are now on sale.


You can also find Exit 6 Film Festival on Twitter and Instagram.

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