Accentuate History of Place

Accentuate History of Place

Eight places, 800 years in the lives of deaf and disabled people

Accentuate History of Place was funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund to explore deaf and disabled heritage as it was reflected in 8 sites across England telling the story of 800 years in the lives of deaf and disabled people.

Visit the website to enjoy participative digital storytelling, explore themes and blogs which cover research through the archives and the life stories which were uncovered. Read the stories which bring alive people and discover places in photos and quotes.  An important resource on the website are the toolkits designed to make better events and exhibitions with deaf and disabled people.

At the House of Commons

At our final event at the House of Commons with funders and policy makers, we made the case for all our project has achieved – and looked for the pledges that will embed the stories of deaf and disabled people in museums in the future.

Project stories

Come with us on a journey to the eight places we have explored, and the personalities associated with them – from people who lived at Maison Dieu in the 13th century, to St Saviour’s Deaf church and innovative 1970s housing. Images, quotations and sounds come together to recreate 800 years of ideas and societies.

Play the games

Play the games and digital experiences, storytelling about the deaf and disabled people whose lives we discovered across 800 years of history. These interactives add some fictional elements, but are based on real history and archive documents.