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Man In Fear

When is an accident not an accident? When it is art…

Writer/Director: William Jewell Producer: Daniel Nixon Production Company: Fractured Films

Extraordinary Feats of the Seventh Period

Lance wants to Win; Reuben doesn’t even want to take part. Two boys, one race – one massive obstacle…

Writer: Lee Thomas
Director: William Bridges
Producer: Ian Prior
Production Company: Extraordinary Films


… was born with a whole in his head, he wasn’t born stupid, he wasn’t born dead…

Writer/Director: Mark Nute
Based on an idea by: Frank Pudney
Producer: Tim Searle
Production Company: Babycow Animation


How does a drug addict make the decision to get clean and off the streets…

Writer/Director: Gordon Wilson
Producer: Gavin Humphries
Production Company: Quark Films


Take me out tonight, where there’s music and there’s people and they’re young and alive…

Writer/Director: Leanne Welham
Producer: Rosie Crerar
Production Company: Proud Mary



When Erin steals photos her real feelings are finally exposed.

Writer: Judy Upton
Director: Sue Dunderdale
Producer: Diane Shorthouse (Shorthouse Organisation)


A desperate woman flees through woodland in the night, while nearby her potential saviours work on, unaware of her predicament. Will their paths converge?

Writer: Tina Walker
Director: Martin Malone
Producers: Francine Heywood & Laura Giles 
(Trinamite Productions)

Dead Hungry

Jed’s a lost zombie, searching for brains. The problem is he can’t catch a thing. But can the pity of a recently dead/undead woman turn his luck?

Writer / Director: Will Bridges
Producer: Jon Drever 
(Grain Media)

Lobster Club

Travelogue of a sex tourist in a land beyond the sea….

Writer/Director/Producer: Milo Waterfield (Sevenzeds)


Leaving Eva

One day the sun burned into everything, and nature took back everything we once took from it. The world I knew was gone… Except Eva.

Director : Faye Gilbert
Writer : Faye Gilbert
Producer : Matthieu de Braconier (The Bureau & The Towers Ltd)


First love blossoms whilst gang rivalry rules the day and wolves prowl the night.

Director: Kate Aidley
Writer: Kate Aidley
Producers: Mark Blaney & Jackie Sheppard (Footprint Films)


Mary and Grace have the minister for tea.

Director: Ewan Kilgour
Writer: Ewan Kilgour
Producer: Joe Kennard (Purple Media)

Touched by a Stranger

Hope can be found in the darkest of places.

Director: Derek Boyes
Writer: Colin Metcalfe
Producer: Francine Heywood & Laura Giles (Trinamite Productions)

Just Because You're Paranoid...

From babies to butchers, everyone seems to hate Derek. Is he paranoid, or are they really out to get him?

Director: Thomas Grove Carter
Writer: Steve Brookes
Producer: Ben Vokes (Middlefield Pictures)

Wayfaring Stanger

A single van. A road. Two misfits. One shared misfortune: they are father and son.

Director: Rick West
Writers: Rick West & Billy McKinnon
Producer: Ben Pullen (Sentinel Pictures)

The Fishdance Kid

Getaway driver Molly can’t help feel she’s been taken for a ride.

Director: Vanessa Caswill
Writer: Kate Wickens
Producer: Ben Pullen (Sentinel Pictures)


Mary and Grace have the minister for tea.

Director: Ewan Kilgour
Writer: Ewan Kilgour
Producer: Joe Kennard (Purple Media)

Off Season

Afterwards, Dad and Nick came to the grey, windy seaside to try to become a family again.

Director: Deena Lombardi
Writer: Deena Lombardi
Producers: Lou Spain & Casey Herbert (Whistling Thorn Films)


The Last Breath

The perfect family goes on a scuba diving trip…

Director: David Jackson
Writer: Jamie Shearing
Producer: Scott Horsfield (VBM Productions)



A documentary capturing the dying craft of artisan watchmaking; a fragile world that is fast becoming the stuff of history.

Director: Kat Mansoor
Writer: Will Hood
Producer: Kat Mansoor & Richard Landy


Every Shrove Tuesday, Diane makes pancakes for her husband. And every year, she tries to give up something bad for her. This year she’s using a new recipe.

Director: James Twyford
Writer: Stuart Perry
Producer: Ricci-Lee Berry


Birdfeeder is a film about hope. It is set in a possible future in Southampton where Seagulls have risen to the top of the food chain and we have taken a fall down the pecking order.

Director: Jo Barnes
Writer: Ben Pester
Producer: Barrington Paul Robinson

Stubborn & Spite

Two disabled drivers fight over a disabled parking bay – with drastic consequences.

Director: Lou Birks
Writer: Lou Birks
Producer: Emily Kyriakides

My Mother

Betty, 80, suffers from advanced dementia. Her daughter, Janet is forced to face the frailty, dependency and ultimate loss of the mother she loathes…and in doing so, acknowledges that history may repeat itself with her own children.

Director/Writer: Elaine Wickham
Producer: Jan Dunn

In My Head

Glen’s afternoon drink takes a bizarre twist with the arrival of his imaginary friend Clint who is adamant that Glen is a figment of his own imagination.

Director/Writer: Jamie Shearing
Producer: Lysander Ashton

Get Off My Land

A young couple’s walk through the countryside leads to a confrontation with the landowner and an unlikely challenge.

Director/Writer: Douglas Ray
Producer: Jonathaon Rawlinson & Amaka Ugwankwo

Odd Shoe

A young boy with battered old trainers discovers life has new meaning when he chances upon a brand new pair of leather shoes.

Director: Paul Cotter
Writer: Clare Bloomfield
Producer: Lou Spain



Cregan is fleeing from his home. Seeking refuge at his brother’s house, he witnesses a horrific event that forces him into a choice he should never have to make.

Director: Steve North
Writer: Dave Irvine & Kefi Chadwick
Producer: Richard Landy

Carlos The Dog

A man is driven insane by the incessant yapping of his dog ‘Carlos’.

Director/Writer: Russ Jone
Producer: Charlie Bowden

What Really Happened to Dinosaurs

Writer/Director/Animator: Simon Hill  


Writter/Director/Animator: Tony Griffin   

There Are Better Ways To Get Your Milk

Writer/Director/Animator: Kit Man

Severance Pay

Writer/Director/Animator: Dominic Barnes.  


Writer/Director/Animator: Kampa Fonk


Writer/Director/Animator: Paul Woolford  

Cries & Whispers

Writer/Director/Animator: Tony Gammidge


A Quiet Drink

Two brothers, both fighting to stay sober. One slipping. The other helps in the only way he knows how – threatening to have a quiet drink.

Writer & Director: Mark Gillis
Producer: Heike Bachelier

Ten Thousand Pictures of You

“Surreal, animated story about the destructive power of obsessive love. A rollercoaster ride into, out of, through and around a myriad of pictures in Sarah’s fractured mind.”

Writer & Director: Robin King
Producer: Denise Hoey

The Space Between Us

What is happiness? What lies in the space between us? And how do we measure it? A film about love and how to catch it when it comes…

Writer & Director: Magali Charrier
Producer: Wendy Bevan-Mogg

Fish Can't Fly

In a high-rise flat, a pet fish with a suicidal death-wish edges towards a fatal drop, as an audience below endeavour to save its life.

Writer & Director: Richard Murphy
Producer: Scott Horsfield

Blood and Chips

It’s a heat wave in Medway and in a local chip shop racial tension boils over with surprising conclusions.

Writer & Director: Ryan Phillips
Producer: Matthew Cornett

Life Goes On

An old man tells his dog his life story. His loves and losses, the true meaning of what it is to be human.

Writer & Director: Trevor Hardy
Producer: Alex Finbow


A short urban love story about beauty and self-belief, told through the eyes of an outsider.

Writer & Director Tessa Lewin, Producer Madeleine Mullet


A young couple sit on Portsmouth seafront attempting a “picnic.” This is a drama that invites you to question your preconceptions – from format to content.

Writer & Director: Sean Van Hales
Producer: Rebecca Callas


1890 fairytale in which a criminal turned “deck hand” grimly discovers that the truth will always surface; even if it’s not what you’re fishing for.

Writer: Heather Dixon
Director: David Ward
Producer: Adam Coop

RUG STILL 1 600450


Charles has one last carpet to sell. But it’s old and it’s worn and it has an annoying habit of lifting off the ground.

Writer: Ewan Kilgour
Director: Graham Page
Producer: Hank Starrs


Little Things

Four-year old Chloe sees a man shoplifting and asks her mum if she too can “shop like the man.”

Director: James Twyford
Writer: Anthony Bullock
Producer: Alex Feakes

English Patience

A raid on a post office goes bad when an armed robber meets more than his match.

Director/Writer: Trevor De Silva
Producer: Chris Le Grys


Louise, lonely and lost, is soon to find she’s on the wrong road.

Writer/Director: Sue Whitting
Producer: Jo Sangster


Katie’s mum has gone to a strange place in the sky and Dad’s stories seem to lose their magic.

Director/Writer: Zara Waldeback
Producers: Zara Waldeback & Lynette Norris.

Out Of Water

As the sea throws up clues about Maria’s true identity, a bizarre twist reveals a more sinister edge.

Director: Jacqueline Wright
Writer: Alice Lowe
Producer: Anne Henry.


Young Irish dancer Sinead would rather be Skateboarding but Gran has other ideas.

Director: Anita Parry
Writer: Josie Melia
Producer: Mike Berenger

Hammer & Flame

A vision into the maritime graveyards of northern India…

Director: Vaughan Pilikian
Producer: Justin Meiland

Plenty of Spoons

A chance meeting with a young thug brings a disturbing resolution for elderly Jack

Director: Simon Hook
Writer/Producer: Jayne Kirkham

Lofty Life

Shena, disciple of Michael Moore – sets off through grungy loftlife to find her lost camera and love.

Director: Josh Pulman
Writer/Producer: Carole Hayman
Designer: Janet Cronin