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The Follower

The Waitress



Ab Normal

After June


The Last Day of Winter


Status Un-identifiable

From Within




Writer: Harry Long • Producer: Jade Gilbert-Finnigan • Director: Rebecca Kirkham • 1st AD: Charlotte Webb • Camera: Jasmine Gurung • Sound Recordist: Isabella Russell Pieri and Georgia Thornton • Composer and Sound Designer: Isabella Russell Pieri • Production Design: Annabelle Otto-Bruch, Katie Lees and Rebekah Burnett • Script Supervisor: Rebekah Burnett • Editor: Elidijona Kurtolli and Georgia Thornton

The Ones Left Behind

Writer: Ervinas Ubartas • Producer: Debbie Bello • Director: Eryn Fitzgerald • 1st AD: Ervinas Ubartas • Camera: Luke Gee and Mikkaela Falshaw • Sound Recordist: Freyja Davies-Wolfe and Toby Wills • Composer and Sound Designer: Freyja Davies-Wolfe • Production Design: Jennifer Melville and Macy Hall • Script Supervisor: Ella Harding • Editor: Toby Wills and Mikkaela Falshaw

Binary Goddess

Animator: Charlotte Webb • Producer: Ervinas Ubartas • Sound: Isabella Russell Pieri and Freyja Davies-Wolfe

Climate Change

Filmmakers: Kent BFI Film Academy Youth Production Crew 2019-2020 • Editor: Isabella Russell Pieri and Thomas Hall


Boy in the Woods

Writer/Producer: Donovan Wardroper • Director: Bethany Lawrence • 1st AD: Joe Eaton • Camera: Gabriel Johnson and Nicole Rumball • Sound: Callum Tanner and Eleanor Boyle • Production Design: Paul Brisley • Script Supervisor: Nicole Rumball • Editor: Matthew Terry

Her Monster

Writers: Elizabeth Reynolds and Mezelli Parker • Producer: Katie Gunne • Director: Jessica Curd • 1st AD: Harry Curtis • Camera: Aimee Nilsson • Sound: Suzie Smith • Production Design: Mezelli Parker • Script Supervisor: Elizabeth Reynolds • Editor: Eleanor Boyle



Writer: Amy Upchurch • Director: Emily Horner • Producer: Lucas Cull • Camera and Grip: Callum Bampton and Thomas Hall • Sound: Harriet Cox • Production Designer: Amelia Howarth • Script Supervisor: Amy Upchurch • 1st AD: Evie Hay • Editor: Emmy Eastop

Nan Swap

Writer: Lucy Karczewski • Director: Georgi Holter • Producer: Olivia Evenden • Camera and Grip: Cos Mandis and Derek Navarro • Sound: Lewis Taylor • Production Designer: Ben Keir and Emily Somerville • Script Supervisor: William Perry • 1st AD: William Perry • Editor: Maxfield Long


Pushing Up Daisy


Writer: Sean Wiggins • Director: Madeleine Raven • Producer: Holly Daniels • Camera and Grip: Conrad Pastucha Russell and Jay Stedman • Sound: Aidan Sharples • Production Designer: Sophie Cornwell and Zoe Kerr • Script Supervisor: Rhiannon Brown • 1st AD: Sean Wiggins • Editor: Rhiannon Brown and Tamas Decsics

Don't Hate the Player

Writer: Melodie Karczewski • Director: Louis McNair-Holmes and Samuel Puddick • Producer: Louis McNair-Holmes and Samuel Puddick • 1st AD: Amy Kemp Jones • Editor: Louis Binns and Jessica Bolton • Script Supervisor: Jessica Bolton • Camera and Grip: Daniel Jones and Lewis Kavanagh • Sound: Trafena Laws and Louis Binns • Production Design: Melodie Karczewski and Nikita Cox



Writer: Eleanor Pollitt • Director: Edie Straight • Producer: Francesca Wallace • 1st AD: Courtney Knowles • Editor: Fraser Hoenes • Camera and Grip: Jordan Abey and Gabriel Hynes • Sound: Emerald Ivory • Script Supervisor: Fraser Hoenes and Rosie Lines • Production Design: Isaac Bolton • Assistant Design: Eleanor Pollitt • Sound Design: Fraser Hoenes and Rosie Lines


Writer: Callum Taylor • Director: Noah Lloyd • Producer: Will Pallant • Camera: Charlie Rayner • Grip: Sameerah Shaikh • Sound: Tom Double • Production Design: Megan Collins • 1st AD: Katie O'Hara • Editor: Brad Roy and Emily Clugston


Waking Up

Writer: Charlie Tidmas • Director: Max O’Sullivan and Charlie Tidmas • Producer: Charlie Tidmas • 1st AD: Sarah-Lynne Hammond • Camera Operator: Matt Nixon and Matt George • Production Design: Rory Baker and Alex Carter • Editor: Adam Butler • Sound Recordist: Jack Ryan • Foley Artist: Adam Butler • Grip: Matt Nixon • Script Supervisor: Matt George

Twisted Tales

Writer: Lauren O’Kill • Director: Kayleigh Cooper • Producer: Chloe Shaw • Director of Photography: Charlee Avis and Ellen Kemp • Sound Recordist: Ellen Stone • Production Design: Shona Kinal and Lucie Potter • Script Supervisor: Lauren O’Kill • 1st AD: Chloe Last • Editor: Charlee Avis and Hal Revell


Dining in Red

Director/Writer: Roman Gronkowski • Producer: Ben Porro • 1st AD: Louis Milbery-Smith • Set Designer: Samuel Andine • Camera: Kate Weedy & Jay Bevan • Sound: Harry Adams • Editor: William Ford • Make Up: Carla Eve

It's a Man's World

Director Writer: Louise Dunk • Producer: Estelle Papougnot • 1st AD: Crispin Thompson • 2nd AD: Jasmin Hayes • Set Designer: Isabelle Leong • Camera: Rebecca Neligan • Camera Assistant: Luke Harris • Sound: Sarah Brislow • Editor: Sarue Jokonya • Make Up: Jodi Corpe


Mirror Image

Written by: Ryan Bloom, Tasha-Ann Prior, Stephen Szemelak & Ed Smyth • Director: Stephen Szemelak • Producer: Edward Smyth • Director of Photography: Joanna Traill • Camera Assistant: Sam Parish • Editor: Claudia Hebblewhite • Sound Design and Sound Recordist: Lewis Smith • Designer: Louise Darvill • Script Supervisor: Emmie Pavey • Production Manager/1st AD: Ryan Bloom

Deja Vu

Writer: Lawrence Sedgwick • Director: Millie Kemp • Producer: Henry Tonkin • Director of Photography: Louis Presland • Camera Assistant: Peter Burke • Editor: Mdhamiri a Nkemi • Sound Recordist: Tasha-Ann Prior • Designer: Lawrence Sedgwick • Script Supervisor: Daniel Mannouch • 1st AD: Simon King