Christine Ubochi – The Solo Eclipse

Christine Ubochi

From New Creatives to 'The Solo Eclipse'

An Alumni of New Creatives, Christine is a London-based creative, with keen interests in lifting up the voices of those from underrepresented groups in society.

Christine has had a love of Theatre since she was a child. She wrote her first screenplay in 2018 after frustrations with the limitation of her University Degree led to her creating a short film with her friends. From there on, Christine has sought out opportunities to make her own ideas a reality.

After working on her New Creatives commissions with the BBC for her short film, The Skin I Move In – a simple portrayal of women existing beyond their relationships with men – and her audio drama En Justice, Christine worked as a Shadow Director on Alice Seabright’s BBC1 show, Chloe.


For her next exciting project, Christine has been commissioned by Tour de Moon for her next short film, The Solo Eclipse. Christine is also proud to say that since the beginning of the production, the amazing team behind The Solo Eclipse has been majority female and from diverse backgrounds.

The Solo Eclipse follows the Moon going on a Blind Date after she breaks up with Earth.