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How can I experience Singularity?

Singularity was created in virtual reality. To view the complete experience you will need:

  • A high-end PC
  • Any tethered VR headset.

What is Singualrity?

‘Singularity’, is an immersive and interactive Virtual Reality (VR) experience that combines different technologies, including 3D scanning, head-mounted VR display and immersive sound design. It is intended to visualise the singularity which is currently emerging with the accelerated speed in twenty-first-century. During the experience, the audience will be able to explore the many technical metaphors that we used to engage with, as well as ones we are currently using, including mobile phones, Bluetooth, the Information superhighway, chatbots, etc. The audience will experience the acceleration of the virtual reality world through observing and collecting these metaphors, finally achieving ‘singularity’.

How did the project come about?

The inspiration for this work initially grew from my personal experience of living in an accelerating digital world. Apart from my practice as an artist, I’m doing PhD research at the University for the Creative Arts: my research project addresses the point of intersection of velocity and contemporary art. As my research is also the foundation of this project, Paul Virilio’s theory on dromology, as well as the theories of  thinkers such as Steven Shaviro and Ray Kurzweil, were my key references.

My vision for this project is to create a dialogue between art, possible futures and audience. I hope to use this project to invite the audience to rethink the relationship between living organisms and inorganic intelligence, and to deliver the message: ‘like it or not, we are all accelerationists now’, and ‘the singularity is near’.


What is Dichotomy?

Dichotomy, is a virtual reality (VR) rhythm-like game set in an abstract representation of the mind. It aims to give players a more empathetic understanding of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) through a series of levels designed to provide the same difficulties a person with OCD might experience when faced with relatively simple tasks and events.

With 5 levels, one for each of the main forms of OCD, the game elements each represent different aspects of daily life and their interactions with your psyche. This is paired with a set of different mechanics and difficulties each intended to evoke the same flavour of stresses and anxieties a person with the corresponding form of OCD may experience; albeit in a completely abstract form and hopefully with the added fun of trying to beat a rhythm game.

The inspiration for the project comes from a very personal place as I myself am an OCD sufferer and have spent a decade trying to learn how to control and overcome its effects on my life.

One of the things I have found very difficult when talking to people about OCD is very few people seem to actually understand what it is, let alone what it’s like living with it. People would often say to me “Oh yeah, I’m very OCD sometimes, I hate dirty things” or “Oh me too, I like my things well organised” and well that’s just not even close to my experience. Media depictions of OCD have left people familiar with various symptoms and examples of compulsive behaviour but very little idea as to the drives behind it and have even made the term into slang for fastidiousness.

I have wanted a way to help people empathise with OCD sufferers, not just sympathise; VR is the perfect medium for this as it lets the artist have unparalleled control over the audience/player’s senses and experiences.

As a gamer I love and have played a lot of rhythm games over the years, the simplicity and sense of clear fulfillment they provide my OCD addled mind made them feel like a perfect way to create the mental workload I want my audience to experience, all while still keeping the game enjoyable.

How can I experience Dichotomy?

Dichotomy was created in virtual reality. To view the complete experience you will need:

  • A high-end PC
  • Any tethered VR headset.

Secrets of Soil

How can I experience Secrets of Soil?

For the best interactive experience, you can play the project on your PC. Navigate your way
through vibrant landscapes and explore the microbiology of the soil and incredible creatures who
live there. You will need a reasonably new computer with a good graphics card.

However, you can also view a more accessible 360-degree video version on most computers,
tablets, and mobile devices.

What is Secrets of Soil?

Submerge yourself in the vibrant microscopic world of soil and the miraculous life found there. Dive into a world never seen before. As you explore these hidden depths, discover the vital, beautiful life forms dwelling there and experience how we currently treat this fragile cosmos. Unravel the Secrets of the Soil, and how this unseen world could help save the planet. Enter an immersive experience combining art, science and game design. 

Secrets of Soil is freely available on Steam, as an interactive experience, with a free 360’’ video version also available.

How did the project come about?

Since 2019, I’ve been solely focused on creating artworks that connect us to our environment, celebrating its beauty and importance, as well as addressing our climate crisis, by presenting achievable responses to this. As part of this, I wanted to unearth possibilities which weren’t well documented or known, but that could make a big difference. My family who are farmers were integrating new methods to their practises to become carbon negative and regenerate the environment. These methods relied on looking after the soil, and the life that lived there. This absolutely fascinated me, I wanted to delve and uncover what lives in the soil, and why is it so important?

This led me, as part of a previous project, to make contact with the John Innes Centre, a leading independent centre for plant science, genetics and microbiology. Through the John Innes Centre I met with leading researchers who opened up this microscopic world to me by sharing videos, imagery and concepts. From that moment on, I knew this world had to be brought to life and communicated to audiences.

Philip 21

What is Philip 21?

Have you met Philip?

Created by halucid_ Theatre Company, Philip 21 is a 10-15 minute point of view dating experience that focuses on interracial dynamics regarding relationships, love, and microaggressions through a participatory conversation with Philip.

How did the project come about?

The inspiration for Philip 21 emerged from a short autobiographical story written by Philip Ofe, in February 2020, that explored his personal experiences of dating. Originally written to be performed live for an immersive performance in early 2020, halucid_ adapted the story for an interactive on-screen performance due to the ongoing covid crisis “We wanted to utilize these times not as an excuse not to create, but as an opportunity to create something new”. Hence why we took the decision to adapt our theatrical performance to something that we believe is the future of media, interactive art.

How can I experience Philip 21?