Let’s Touch BASE: Discovering Collaboration Across Borders

Let's Touch BASE: Discovering Collaboration Across Borders

Opportunities and Challenges

Create Converge, together with BASE Conference, would like to invite you to join us, and an international pool of companies, in discussing and exploring international collaboration between creative, digital, and technologies companies in the EU.

We will kick off the event with a short presentation from Klaus Sommer Paulsen, CEO & Founder of AdventureLAB in Denmark. In his daily work, Klaus merges decades of experience in marketing, entertainment and design with a holistic mindset of “whatever it takes to make it work”. The anchoring point of it all is the heart of the story and the experience, and the convergence of the two.

Afterward, participants can meet other companies in 3 facilitated 1:1 sessions. You’ll get the opportunity to introduce your company, expertise, and area of work.

All sessions will include a moderator to help explore factors of collaboration