Screen South’s New Chair and Members of the Board

Screen South Welcomes Distinguished Board Members to Drive Innovation and Growth

We are proud to announce the appointment of Board Member Anthony Alleyne to Chair of the Board, as well as three experienced individuals to its Board of Directors. The new Board Members, Philip Gambrill, Jocelyn Chandler-Hawkins, and Benn Wiebe, bring a wealth of experience and expertise in support of Screen South’s mission to deliver innovation and support talent across the creative sector.

Anthony Alleyne, long-time Member of Screen South’s Board of Directors, has taken on a new role as Chair of the Board, bringing with him a wealth of experience as a distinguished writer, producer, and visionary in the screen industry. As the founder of Born Wild, a dynamic content creation company specialising in online projects, Anthony has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to pushing creative boundaries and fostering innovative storytelling. Additionally, Anthony’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of filmmakers is evident through his role as a former instructor at MET Film School, where he shared his expertise and passion for filmmaking with aspiring talents. Screen South is excited to benefit from Anthony Alleyne’s multifaceted experience and leadership in driving the organisation’s mission forward.

Philip Gambrill also joins Screen South’s Board of Directors, bringing with him an unparalleled financial skillset as an experienced accountant. Philip maintains a high standing in a number of prestigious institutions: Founder of PG Lemon, a distinguished accounting firm with locations across London and the South East; Chief Financial Officer to Raindance Film Festival, the UK’s largest independent film festival and a branch of the prestigious and accredited Raindance Film School; and advisor to the Independent Film Trust, a major UK charity working to advance the cause of independent filmmaking. Philip’s financial expertise will be instrumental to Screen South’s fiscal management and strategic financial planning. With a proven track record in navigating financial complexities, Philip will play a pivotal role on the Finance and Audit Subcommittee, ensuring a commitment to transparency and responsible fiscal stewardship. His history of entrepreneurship as an organisational founder aligns seamlessly with Screen South’s dedication to fostering innovation and creativity. Screen South anticipates the positive impact of Philip’s expertise as the organisation continues to deliver innovative excellence, striving for greater inclusivity.

Jocelyn Chandler-Hawkins is a film producer and cultural event & film screening organiser based in Berkshire. Her freelance practice Through A Different Lens works with a range of film makers and groups to create immersive event experiences. Jocelyn’s experience includes executive producing the Film Bath festival in 2022, production coordinating on a feature film and producing short films, including Hells Bells for Wandering Tiger. In addition, Jocelyn has worked as an events manager for Directors UK co-producing film screenings and the recording of the In-Conversation podcast. Jocelyn continues to build her experience by delivering creative film networking events to connect local talent and screening events showcasing independent films and underrepresented stories. Jocelyn’s previous career history includes working in marketing and project management across the commercial, charity and education sectors. 

Benn is an Oscar shortlisted and SXSW winning producer, and a social impact strategist who has created campaigns and initiatives for the United Nations in support of the UN Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, providing a unique expertise and understanding of global issues, international policy and Corporate Social Responsibility. As a mentor for Creative UK & SXSW, member of UNEP’s Playing for the Planet Alliance, and an initial convener of the UNFCCC’s Entertainment & Culture for Climate Action initiative, Benn is sought out as an advisor and consultant for various creative organisations. He has served as an advisor for UN Live, Count Us In, Netflix, Global Girl Media, Think Film, Global Environment Media, SIE Society, Young Entertainment Activists, the Hollywood Climate Summit, Climate Culture Hub, and Treun House Atelier. As an executive, Benn is a former owner and producer of Fanstang, co-founder of FILMPIXS,, and currently the Executive Producer of HF Productions. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Global Impact Producers Alliance, and Danmarks Film Akademi.

Continuing as members of the Screen South Board are Grace Carley and Linda James, whose insights and expertise have been instrumental in steering Screen South and in championing its values as an organisation. Grace’s service on the Finance & Audit subcommittee leverages her financial acumen and strategic oversight in ensuring Screen South’s fiscal health and dedication to utilising funding for the benefit of arts & culture, while Linda’s spearheading of dynamism in the organisation continues to support innovation across Screen South’s activity and delivery. Their continued presence on the Board ensures a seamless continuation of support for Managing Director Jo Nolan, the staff team, and Screen South’s strategic vision and championing of the values instilled by Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation.

Anthony Alleyne, Screen South’s new Chair of the Board, said “These appointments mark a significant step in Screen South’s ongoing commitment to fostering a dynamic and forward-thinking leadership team. The board looks forward to leveraging the collective expertise and experience of its members to drive innovation and diversity, expand opportunities, and enhance the organisation’s impact on and support of arts, culture, and heritage in the South East and beyond.”