Over Hawkinge

"Over Hawkinge"

A community led project commemorating the 80th Anniversary
of the Battle of Britain, and Hawkinge's role in the Battle

What's it all about?

This year is very important as it is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain in which RAF Hawkinge played such an important role.

We are hoping to be awarded a grant this summer so that we can work with different community groups to make a project around RAF Hawkinge and the Battle of Britain. We have named this ‘Over Hawkinge’

This project would be community led meaning we are asking you to suggest ideas on what this project will be. We have come up with a few suggestions as to the kind of ideas we are looking for, and we now encourage you to get in touch with us to add in your thoughts and ideas.

We have also put together a RAF Hawkinge Local History Information Flyer which has a number of images from Hawkinge during the War. Click below to see this information and give us your thoughts on this project.

If you would like us to come and do a presentation or talk to your community group, where we can speak in more detail and workshop ideas, please get in touch at darrienne.price@screensouth.org

How can you be involved?

A short Questionnaire & Information Flyer

Click the below link to view the RAF Hawkinge Local History Information Flyer
and give us your thoughts on this project.

Some Ideas

If you like looking at old images, you could be part of a team that reaches out to the community and collects digital copies of photographs, letters and postcards. We will support you in this activity.

If you enjoy looking at handouts do you think people would like to see a small magazine with more information and using the images we collect? Would you like to be part of the team that puts something together and helps distribute it?

Do you think people realise the significance of the road names in Hawkinge? Do you think it would be an idea to make a heritage trail around Hawkinge to share this information? It could also feature some of the remaining signs of the airfield.

If you are interested about some of the personal recollections of the Battle of Britain; that we sourced from the BBC People’s War website; would you like to be part of the team that makes a film capturing family memories and recollections? Full training will be given and you can learn camera and interviewing skills, and don’t worry you don’t have to be on camera and we will be with you to support you.

It has also been suggested that we hold an event close to Battle of Britain Day in September. Ideas have been featuring music and dancing from the time, some displays from other groups, and possibly food from the era. We could also run activities such as making aeroplane kites for a mass fly off as a finale, or lawn spinners to give to people that live in Battle of Britain roads.

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