Neighbourhood Photogrammetry Lab



Neighbourhood Photogrammetry Lab

key dates

First training session: Thursday 18th July

Mentoring/follow-up: 19th July – mid-August

Creating: Mid-August – mid-September

Finalisation: Mid-September

Exhibition: 17th – 20th October

deadline: 9am, Monday 8th july 2024
screen south • digital:glassworks • mill bay
folkestone • kent • ct20 1jg

Screen South is inviting creatives to learn the basics of photogrammetry and 3D scanning to bring a unique perspective of a local location and person in East Kent into the public gaze. We want to hear your ideas about evocative spaces and people linked to them that you would like to make a short photogrammetry  and sound piece about.

This project which will bring together digital visuals, interviews and sound, will bring your subject and the place to life in a immersive project. We’re inviting you to choose a place that to you most embodies the rich and diverse culture of East Kent. 


Projects will be exhibited as part of the Folkestone Documentary Festival October 17th-20th, showcasing the possibilities for immersive documentary via place-based photogrammetry and sound.  

You’ll be trained by Screen South Technical Manager, Gavin Roberts in photogrammetry and in sound recording and design by expert Michael Griggs. We’ll also have creative inspiration for you from Destiny Lawrence from the Storytrails team at Story Futures, leading experts in place-based photogrammetry. 

Please note you should consider the possibility of getting  permission from the locations and people you are considering when you apply. 

Lab Speakers: Destiny Lawrence

Destiny is a Junior Technician & Showcasing Coordinator at CoSTAR National Lab and StoryFutures. StoryFutures focuses on placing immersive storytelling at the heart of the next generation of immersive technologies and experiences and developing cutting-edge research & development programmes. The CoSTAR National Lab for R&D in Creative Technology will place R&D at the heart of UK storytelling and vice versa.

StoryTrails is an immersive storytelling experience project, where untold stories from the past are brought to life through the magic of the 3D internet using augmented and virtual reality to reanimate public spaces in towns and cities across the UK.