Screen South’s Remote-Access Board Meeting

Screen South: Champions of Digital Accessibility

Screen South breaks Technological Ground with Remote-Access Robots for Board Meeting:

A Step into the Future of Digital Accessibility and Collaborative Innovation

In a notable advancement into digital accessibility and collaborative innovation, Screen South has successfully integrated state-of-the-art robotics into their day-to-day operations, a first for the organisation. This groundbreaking move continues to elevate Screen South’s position as champions of accessibility and digital collaboration, as well as their commitment to harnessing the potential of cutting-edge tech in revolutionising our relationship and engagement with digital creativity.

Using Ohmni Labs’ Telepresence® Robot, Screen South’s Board Away Day welcomed Board Member Linda James and Head of Screen South’s Accentuate programme Esther Fox to the meeting via a seamless integration of technology fostering collaborative discussions and advancing the organisation’s commitment to inclusivity and digital innovation. This immersive and dynamic opportunity transcends geographical boundaries and underscored the Screen South mission to champion accessibility in all facets of operations. 

Jo Nolan, Managing Director at Screen South, emphasised the significance of such initiatives in fostering a more inclusive and diverse cultural landscape. “As a Board away-day doesn’t happen that often, good communication is integral; using the Ohmni robots meant that everyone had a place at the table which was informal and impactful… even if they were joining remotely.”

Anthony Alleyne, Chair of the Screen South Board, had this to say: “This approach is groundbreaking as it allows the remote guest to move around the room, to have individual conversations, and to be a visible face and voice at the table in their own space – it worked excellently.”

As Screen South continues to push the boundaries of possibility in arts, culture, and creative technology, the utilisation of Ohmni Telepresence® Robots stands as testament to their unwavering dedication to promoting inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration.