Short Films Screening

Screen South, Ashford Borough Council & Borderpoint Films present

The film and TV industry need fresh talent from Ashford like YOU!

Short Films Screening

key dates

Wednesday 17th July 2024

7pm to 8pm

Ashford cinema
• elwick place •
Ashford • kent • tn23 1AE

Join us on Wednesday 17th July 2024 from 7pm for Screen Ashford’s Short Films Screening. 

A selection of Kent-made short films curated by Screen Ashford.  

Attendance to this event is free but registration via the link above is required. 

  • CAGED (By Anastasia Marshall) Run time: 6 mins
  • The Infectious Imagination Of Henry Bramble (By Derek Boyes) Run time: 14:25 mins
  • Blind as a Beat (By Jessi Gutch) Run time: 9 mins
  • How Do I Look? (By Clare-Louise English) Run time: 3:37 mins
  • The Crossing (By Christian Azzola) Run time: 4 mins
  • Red Rover (By Astrid Goldsmith) Run time: 13:42 mins
  • Rogue Trooper: : The Quartz Massacre (By Adam Kirley) Run time: 7 mins