The Marsh: All In A Day’s Work

Fifth Continent on Film

"The Marsh: All In A Day’s Work "

Screen South & Fifth Continent on Film invite you to take part in our latest film, detailing the lives of those on the Romney Marsh

As part of Fifth Continent filmmaking, Screen South are producing a mini-documentary entitled The Marsh: All In A Day’s Work which aims to examine some of the many lives and trades scattered about the reaches of the Marsh, exploring the vast range of opportunities – some still awaiting discovery. At present, we are looking for participants for the project; whether you are a business owner, employee, associate or otherwise involved with working on the Marsh, we would love to hear from you!

We’d also love to include as wide a range of vocations as possible – however unusual. Both the industrial and agricultural side of the Romney Marsh are of great interest to us, as well as everything in between. For the sake of the project, the borders of the Marsh are defined as stretching from Lympne Hill to just beyond Dungeness Point, bordered by the Royal Military Canal.

We’d love to explore the incredible range of opportunities that the Marsh provides. Our core intention with The Marsh: All In A Day’s Work is to show the world even a fraction of what the Romney Marsh has to offer, so we’d love to know what you have to say about the benefits of living and working on the Marsh as residents and local workers.

Romney Marsh, on the Sussex border of Kent and close to the sea. Romney Marsh, where the roads wind like streams through pasture and the sky is always three-quarters of the landscape. […] The sea has given a colour to this district: it has spotted with silver the oak posts and rails; it gives the grass and the rushes a grey salty look and turns the red bricks and tiles of Fairfield Church a saffron yellow.
John Betjeman

If you have anything at all to offer to the project, please do get in touch via the communication channels below.

Tel: 01303 259777