XR Lab: The Red Shoes

workshop: 4th oct

1-1 sessions: 22-23/11

showcase w/c 4th December
screen south • digital:glassworks • mill bay
folkestone • kent • ct20 1jg

Showcase at the Brewery Tap •
53 Tontine Street • Folkestone • Kent • CT20 1JR

Part of CINEMA UNBOUND: THE CREATIVE WORLDS OF POWELL AND PRESSBURGER, a major BFI UK-wide film celebration of one of the greatest and most enduring filmmaking partnerships in the history of cinema.

Screen South is leading an experimental photogrammetry workshop and exhibition inspired by the work of Britain’s greatest filmmaking duo, in association with the BFI season Cinema Unbound: the Creative Worlds of Powell + Pressburger. Michael Powell is Kent’s most celebrated filmmaker, and we are inviting creators from across Kent and the South East to be take Powell and Pressburger’s brilliantly inventive approach to audiovisual design into a new dimension through the digital art of photogrammetry. What might The Red Shoes have looked like had photogrammetry been available in the 1940s? This is an invitation to reimagine the design aesthetic of The Red Shoes for our local area and lives, inspired by Powell and Pressburger, but reinventing their design philosophy for a new generation.

With an initial workshop covering both photogrammetry techniques, led by photogrammetry expert Livi Willmore, and an introduction to the design world, historical context, and technical virtuosity of Powell and Pressburger, led by a BFI curator, drawing on the BFI National Archive’s unparalleled collections, we hope to incubate new creative world-builders, able – like Michael Powell – to collaborate fully and openly, to draw on their own experiences and realities, and to reach for the fantastical through audiovisual craft. Participants could be XR experts, dancers, puppeteers, filmmakers or production designers. You just need to be visual and to engage thematically.

Screen South can provide bursaries to support travel and accommodation costs incurred by this event.

Livi has long, light blue hair. She is standing up, looking down at the camera, smiling. She wears a red beret, a white shirt with yellow ducks on it, and purple trousers.

Livi Wilmore is a Digital Artist and XR developer with 7+ years of digital creative experience from the development and management of large scale digital and immersive installations to the technical specifics of digital asset design, creation and optimisation for a wealth of artistic business and marketing settings. Her practice revolves around using mixed reality and immersive tech to enhance storytelling and create projects and installations to spark the public’s interest in little-known lost histories, different schools of thought, and to challenge the way people see the world around them. Her work is often populated with 3D characters as a social commentary tool to show beauty and humour in the mundane and day to day.

See more of Livi’s work at livicg.co.uk

With support of the BFI Film Audience Network, awarding funds from the National Lottery in order to bring this project to more audiences across the UK.