Ignition Random Acts – Year 1

Ignition Random Acts

Year 1


'Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1'
Katie Dale-Everett

A choreographic exploration of the permanence of personal online data.

Alejandro Ahedo Perez

“First” explores the fine line that the trainer must tread between creating the perfect race horse and pushing it too far.

'7 Pleats, 7 Vows'
Shona Murray-Smith & Aditya Sengupta

‘Seven Pleats, Seven Vows’ illustrates a Hindu bride being adorned in her red and gold silk wedding sari.

'Confetti Crowd' Hannah Bush Bailey & Naomi Hanbury

Confetti Crowd takes us into the heart and soul of a creative collective of five young females who are on a mission to take over the UK fashion scene.

'The Times'
Rob King & Richard Pugh

In a small café in the 1970’s, Millie, a young inquisitive 6-year old, and her Grandfather Alf, enjoy each other’s company.

'I Dream of Zombies'
Alex Forbes & Jack Pollington

‘I Dream Of Zombies’ follows Jordan, a young man obsessed with zombies. His obsession isolates him as he retreats further into his fantasy, collecting weapons and preparing for the inevitable un-dead invasion.

'It's All In The Mind'
Eden Kötting

An animated world full of Eden’s drawings slowly reveals itself as an arboreal kingdom in which many things lurk.

Miriam Raja

18 year old Khadejah no longer wants to be a child and walks out of the house defiantly. This small act of teenage rebellion leaves a deeply felt resonance on her loving mother, Parveen.


Sidonie Carey-Green

Unordinary aims to find extraordinary in the ordinary.

'Spacial Endeavours'
Marcia Rumsey

Within the spatial unconscious of the mind is a constant need to suppress our inner emotions but the risk of doing so can have chaotic consequences.

'Pull Tag Knot'
Ayesha Ramsay

‘Pull Tag Knot’ explores the complex and troubled relationship between black women and their natural hair.

'Not Just War'
Samuel Herklots

This short experimental documentary explores the experiences of 14 year old Syrian refugee Ahmed.

'How to Build a Trap and set Yourself in it'
The Leverhulme Scholars

Through two films, the Leverhulme Scholars address two different ways of approaching agency

'6 Artists Walk Into A Physics Lab'
The Leverhulme Scholars

The second film describes a live performance where the set created in the first film is enacted by the performers.

Jemma Gould

‘Pull Tag Knot’ explores the complex and troubled relationship between black women and their natural hair.


'The Rat King'
Jess Dadds

Blurring the line between fiction and reality, Jess Dadds’ protagonist discusses his real life troubles while rats climb over him.

'My Familiar'
Leah Morris

Director Leah Morris uses themes of isolation and loneliness with a combination of live action and animation for her short film.

Jemima Hughes

Imagination is a lively, colourful cut-out animation inspired by Matisse paper-cuts.

Gabriella Ditton, Oliver Pendle & Tom Willis

Hiveminds explores themes of individuality, conformity and addiction within social media in the 21st Century.

Jessie Russell Donn

Contest is an experimental short film, critiquing the UK Government’s contested counter-terrorism strategy of the same name.

Zara Sands

‘Bulldogs’ explores suppressed aggression and ambition and the outcomes of society’s moralistic expectations repressing the competitive nature of young girls.

'A Glimpse In The Dark'
William Hanekom

A Glimpse In The Dark is a piece of an artist’s moving image work, combining live action and animation.

'The Law of the Sea'
Elmaz Ekrem & Dominika Ożyńska

The Law of the Sea tells the story of Fishermen from the Greek Island of Lesvos, in their own words, as they work tirelessly to help the arriving torrent of refugees to shore and how this great tragedy of our time has impacted their daily life.