Ignition Random Acts – Year 2

Ignition Random Acts

Year 2


James Ivett

In a tale that highlights our dependency on technology and the anxieties that fuel our thoughts, a young girl wakes to find herself surrounded by floating screens which visualise every outcome of every thought or decision she might make.

'Tunnel Vision'
Lila Babington

Esther is losing out on what is in the now, the current moment, in order to gain what’s in the future to come.

'Walk Of Shame'
Maisie Buck

Through one woman’s spoken word and the shared experience of many, this innovative feminist film explores the objectification, victimisation and daily discrimination of women from all walks of life, told through the voice of one bold and unapologetic individual.

Lola Ogunrinde

In this uplifting piece, Dancer Nancy Sery Bihe, celebrates the love of both her art and Ghanaian culture with the audience.

'Sore Thumb Stick Out'
Ella Bennett

From Ballet to gritty urban, this visual piece, shown from a teenage female krump dancer’s perspective, takes the viewer on her journey as she gate crashes her way through various styles of dance, challenging the perceptions of what is considered ‘Feminine’.

Cameron Turnbull

Deep within the primeval forests of Northern Spain a primitive figure is awakened.

'1 Diving, 1 Falling'
Daisy Cauty, Martha Canning

Reflecting on a time when women were considered to have a mental illness for expressing themselves creatively through dance, this film explores vulnerability, delusion and insanity, combined with passion, artistry and beauty.

Jac Clinch

At a hybrid hairdressers-restaurant, where one may receive a smart haircut whilst dining, Keith is disturbed to find a hair in his food.


Ellie Taylor

First time Director Ellie Taylor explores the alarming, distressing but sometimes liberating experience of having a hearing impairment.

'This is Colour'
Josh Wildman

This is Colour, written, performed and directed by first time filmmaker Josh Wildman, is a full spectrum, one man walking monologue on the value of diversity.

'The Mask'
Sharif Persaud

We follow Sharif on his journey along a coastal footpath to the theatre of a neighbouring town.

'Daily Cycle'
Shannon Smyth & Harry Binstead

A controversial short film to educate the public and create awareness of a theme personal to myself– living with an eating disorder.

'Street Ballet'
Jason Butler

Toby Shaw is a skateboarder down on his luck. When he can’t land any tricks he turns to ballet for inspiration.

'Who Am I'
Michael Tatenda Mayanara

Who Am I is a short film performed by Tatenda Michael Manyarara detailing his views on the oppression and prejudice African/Caribbean people face in the West and European countries.

'The Kaleidoscope Boy'
Milo Singer-Kingsmith

The Kaleidoscope Boy is a playful encounter between one child and his ‘phosphenes’ – those extraordinary light patterns that dance behind your eyes if you press them.

'Kitchen Sink'
Vivienne West

Domestic vs Wild, Plot vs Deconstruction, Human vs Animal, Diverse vs Norm. Unsure intensity and intrigue clouds a kitchen sink drama with very obscure occupants.


'Me, the Elephant'
Dillon Beagley

Told from the perspective of a worn-out radiator. Me, the Elephant is a spoken word poem that tells the childhood story of the director and his old, overworked father.

'All The Busy ings'
Robyn Wilton

‘All the busy ings’ is a visual depiction of the sensation of being overwhelmed by the powerful yet ineffable interactions between artworks within a gallery space.

Edward Lomas

The year is 2028; England is isolated, detached from the rest of world and run by a powerful few in a totalitarian state.

Joe Betteridge

As dusk falls across an empty farmyard, a young farmhand finds a place of solace in one of the deserted barns. In this rustic space we find he practices an unusual pastime.

'Comfort Zone'
Elliot Stronza

A story that details the individual struggles of a boy who tries to find his place in the world, while also trying to come to terms with his own case of Asperger’s syndrome.

Nathan Craig

A creature bites into a strange fruit and experiences a high that can’t be sustained.

Sian Fan

A sublime meditation on spiritual growth, exploring transformation, destruction and enlightenment in the digital age: Bloom examines the relevance of spirituality in a technological context, where our physical and virtual identities are intertwined.

Calum Bowden

A young girl’s surreal timeless memory of an airport weaves documentary and fiction together, blending the images of new and old, inviting the viewer to question the aura of history afforded by historical images. Metaphors of openness, transport, and remembering are contrasted with bureaucracy, security, and forgetting.

Tilly Harding-Kemp

Duality is a split screen account observing 24 hours of a young woman, dealing with the fictions, dreams and memories of her everyday life in late-capitalist society.