Ignition Random Acts – Year 3

Ignition Random Acts

Year 3


'Chrysalis Boy'
Charlie Tidmas

When a young transgender man realises his true identity, he must learn to accept himself.

'Level 4'
Charles Copsey

Two first-time criminals find themselves out of luck when their getaway vehicle is clamped up in a multi-storey car park.

'Crashing Waves'
Emma Gilbertson

Two young working class men explore the intimacy and vulnerability of relationships in a combative dance against the backdrop of an inner city estate, risking all under the scrutiny of a tight knit, ever judging community.

Emma Kayani

An interracial couple; seen through a series of snapshots images in a non linear narrative and ambiguous timeframe. The film, following a non linear narrative follows an interracial couple in an isolated ambiguous setting that evokes an image of a motel apartment.

'Like Sunday'
Ella Glendining

From a doleful seaside town in which they’ve lived their whole lives, best friends Ruby and Jason, both twenty-two, head ‘up the city’ on a night out.

Katherine Dallimore

When a normal meal takes a turn for the surreal, Lea enters a world completely different to her own where floating buildings and odd creatures are commonplace.

Anna Gray

A young adult girl reflects on the trials and tribulations of wearing glasses.

Nathalia Syam

A beautiful bride undresses form her Lehenga (Traditional Indian bridal wear), revealing much more than just a bare chest.

'Time Destroys itself'
Brandon Pestano

An art-house portrayal of an old man in a modern city, a chain smoking eccentric old poet writes a philosophical poem on his old typewriter accompanied by a glimpse of his life in solitude around his apartment and the city after the passing of his wife.

'Hunting Kiami Sublime'
Joe Chalmers

Artist and Director Joe Chalmers presents, in a visual poem, the alternate world of Hunting Kiami Sublime

'Rostrum Massacre'
Ben Hunt

Rostrum: The often spinelike anterior median prolongation of the carapace of a crustacean (such as a crayfish or lobster). A rostrum camera is a specially designed camera used in television production and filmmaking to animate a still picture or object.


Josh Hext

Christina uses the immersive noise of her collection of televisions to block out the voices in her head, that is until one day she has a power-cut which plunges her into the silence she’s always feared, where the voices have control.

Rebecca Lesley

‘Rebirth’ gives insight in to Alyssa’s anxiety phase of grieving as her hallucinations build to a peak, blurring her understanding of time and reality before reaching a psychological rebirth.

'Their They're There'
Olly Blower

A live action/animated short about a boy sitting an exam he desperately doesn’t want to.

Oliver Pratt

“0713” tells the story a robot boy trying to fix his faults so that he would be ready to leave the scrapyard, but only ages with the same faults as before.

Orlagh Fitzgerald

Dropped into a white room with a magical colour wheel, Ms White sets off to find her place in a world of colour.


'Hip Whip'
Alice Humphreys

Short docu-fiction about Women’s Roller Derby team; The Surrey Roller Girls.

Arnold Chukwu

Clarence thinks he knows it all. He condescends anything he doesn’t perceive as worthy and isn’t afraid to express his disdain for it.

'Next Week'
Benedict Webb

Next Week is a tender story of compassion, in which a grandson’s connection to his Granddad is tested in Next Week, a tender short drama that proves the power of compassion and empathy.

'We Are Deaf'
Reuben Champion

We Are Deaf is an animation exploring the effect deafness has on relationships and friendships.

'Ready or Not'
Eleanor Dolan

Delving into the psyche of a young girl, Ready or Not chronicles a thin line between fantasy and reality.

'Pas de Deux'
Emilie Cheung

Pas de Deux is the story of a girl who has recently been involved in a car accident.

'Always Come Back to the Sea'
Georgiana Barcan

Shot on a modified 35mm stills-format camera, Always Come Back to the Sea uses recordings of interviews with Val Sanders, an 80-year old former actress and BBC production manager living in Whitstable.

'What's Wrong With Morris'
Ryan Morris

What’s wrong with Morris? is an expression of madness surrounding post-traumatic stress, specifically in those who have been in combat situations.