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Applications for Call 3 AUDIO are open

Applications for Film and Interactive will open again for the last call in May

Please read the FAQs fully before contacting us as your question maybe answered here:

When will applications open and close for Round 4?

Applications for Film Audio and Interactive Call 4 will be opening shortly. Due to the current situation, we have had to revise our schedule of delivery which has affected our call out dates. Please keep checking the Screen South website for more information.


Is it free to enter?



Will I own my film, audio or interactive work?

You, the Lead Creative will own the IP in the film, audio or interactive work and, after a ‘holdback’ period (between 3 months and 1 year, depending on whether the BBC broadcast your work), you will be able to share and promote it.


Who is the Lead Creative?

Lead Creatives are classified as the Writer, Director and any other key person whose vision is being portrayed.


Will I be paid?

This is a talent development and training scheme, rather than a purely a commissioning scheme. All production costs come out of the budget for the film, including any artist fees. Allocation of funds will be a matter of discussion between you and your Producer.


Why is it only for 16-30 years old?

The project grants that fund the New Creatives opportunity are looking to address accepted challenges around diversity and entry points for younger people into the creative industries. And so, whilst this programme has a focus on giving opportunities to younger artists, there are many other schemes and funds available offered by Arts Council England and the BBC which have no age limit or are focused on other groups and demographics. Creatives looking for funding for digital focused projects are welcome to consider the Arts Council’s National Lottery Project Grants – an open funding scheme with opportunities for funding all year round. Find out more information on the Arts Council website:


What are the Lengths of films and audio?

Film works will be from between 90 seconds to 5 minutes,

Audio works will be between 1 minute and 15 minutes.

Interactive works will be between 3 minutes and 15 minutes.


What are the budgets?

The budgets will vary according to the scope and demands of the work. Budgets for film works will be up to £5k, Audio works will be up to £4k, and Interactive works will be up to £20k. All budgets will be agreed upon by The Exec Producers and Screen South.


I am from the EU, can I apply?

Yes, as long as you, the Lead Creative, are currently residing in the UK in the South East Region with proof of residency.


I am from outside the EU, can I apply?

Yes, as long as you, the Lead Creative, are currently residing in the UK in the South East Region with proof of residency.


I’m not sure if I live in the SE region?

The Arts Council South East region comprises of Bedford, Central Bedfordshire, Luton, Peterborough, Southend-on-Sea, Thurrock, Bracknell Forest, Brighton and Hove, Medway, Milton Keynes, Reading, Slough, West Berkshire, Windsor and Maidenhead, Wokingham, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex. If you don’t live in these areas, you can apply to a different region. London, South West, The Midlands and The North. Check here if you’re not sure: Map_area_boundaries.pdf


I live outside of the SE region, can I still apply?

No. The Lead Creatives need to be living working or studying in the South East Region.


How long do I need to have been living in the SE for?

As long as you, the Lead Creative, are a current resident, you are eligible.


Is this opportunity available to me if I live outside of England in the rest of the UK?

No. The Lead Creatives need to be living in England only, under the banner of BBC Introducing Arts. There are similar schemes that already existing in Scotland (Now & Next) and in Northern Ireland (Two Minute Masterpiece). However, no scheme currently exists in Wales, but the BBC as indicated that a similar scheme will be announced for Wales soon.


I will be turning 31 before or on the application deadline, can I still apply?

No. The Lead Creatives need to be aged 16 – 30 on the application deadline date.


I am a student, can I apply?

Yes. You the Lead Creative can choose to apply either in the region you currently study in or your home region. You may only be commissioned once for the scheme.


I am working, can I apply?

Yes, we encourage applications from all walks of life. Our Executive Producers can be flexible in deciding hours/days of training and production.


I’ve not made a film or audio work before; can I still apply?

Yes! We encourage anyone with a good idea to apply regardless of their background. All New Creatives will receive appropriate training to ensure they can make a professional piece of work.


Can we apply as a team?

Yes, but each team member must include a biography (and links, if appropriate) and the Lead Creatives must be aged between 16-30 and based in the South East region.


Can I apply if I have already had a broadcast credit?

New Creatives is for people seeking their first broadcast opportunity, except where it can be demonstrated that their proposal will lead to a significant new development in their creative practice, as for example through working in a new digital medium.


Do I need to be an experienced filmmaker to apply?

No, you do not need to have any previous experience of filmmaking to apply, but we would like to see evidence of previous creative work – from any creative activity or practise.


Can I submit more than one application?

We want to hear your best idea and ask that you ideally submit only one application, per strand, per round, per person. However we may accept up to two project proposals – you must complete a separate application for each project. If you are unsure about which idea to send us or would like to discuss this in more detail then please email us:


How much information do you need in the application?

A creative pitch of up to 500 words, a 250 word biography and, if relevant, supporting materials and links to any previous work. There will also be some monitoring information to provide.


Can I get some help with my application?

Yes, please email us at or ring us on 01303 259 777


When will decisions be made on applications for Round 3?

Your application will be reviewed by Screen South and the Exec Producers. If shortlisted, you will be asked to attend a development day to work on your project. You will then be asked to resubmit your idea. Your application will then be reviewed by the same panel and you may be shortlisted for Interview. Interviews will take place in London (Location TBC). After this, your applications will go to a final panel which includes the BBC Arts Execs. You should expect notification on the success of your application in March 2020.


What training will I receive?

You will receive three days in all. Two days of creative development and sessions from Industry professionals to introduce you to the scheme and a chance to develop your idea, and one day training in audience development and marketing.


When is the production period?

The dates for Round 4 will be updated as soon as we have more information on the current situation.


Who are the Exec Producers?

If your project is selected for commissioning, then you will be assigned an Exec Producer. A creative industry professional who is able to support you in delivering work to broadcast standard and able to help push you as an individual to make sure you’re challenging yourself and developing creatively throughout the process.


What can I expect if I am successful?

Once commissioned, artists will work with their designated Production Partner to finalise their treatments, production schedule and project budget. Screen South will manage day-to-day communication with production partners and artists to ensure projects are on track to be delivered to budget and deadline; advising as needed on research, conceptual development and production elements; providing practical and pastoral support and advice; and facilitating connections with appropriate industry contacts as relevant. There will also be opportunities for skills development and training opportunities through bespoke workshops. Artists should expect a process of editorial review and feedback with the BBC prior to final submission. Final works will be made available for broadcast on BBC platforms.


What kind of resources will I have to make a film or audio piece?

Each commission has a moderate budget allocated, managed by the production partner, which is for production costs, including filming equipment. Commissioned artists will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from industry professionals, as well as practical support. We will ensure that you are guided through budget management and all stages of the production.


What happens to my film after delivery to the BBC?

After your piece is delivered to the BBC, there will be a period of time in which the BBC will have First Run/Exclusivity. This will be for 12 months from delivery date or 3 months after broadcast date, whichever is sooner. After this, you will be able to distribute and promote your film wherever you like. Screen South aims to help promote your film wherever possible.

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Not in the South East Region?

If you live outside the South East England region which covers:  Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, East Sussex, West Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Suffolk and Surrey, you may be able to apply through one of our partner New Creatives Network Centres around the country. Please see below for links to these organisations. (Arts Council boundaries Map can be downloaded here)