New Creatives – Film Brief

New Creatives - Film Brief


We’re looking for creative and thought provoking ideas for new works that are fresh and innovative proposals for short films, audio projects. We want to see reflections on living in modern England, particularly given the interesting circumstances we are currently living in. Tonally, pieces can be comedic, serious, absurd, challenging, provocative, abstract or polemic. They can be animation, live action, mixed media, spoken work, experimental etc, we are open to your thoughts in this. All pieces should aim to be accessible to a wide audience and so should also have a clear, relatable idea or concept at its heart.

We’re open to creatives who push the boundaries on what constitutes art, makes people think, and encourages new ways of understanding ourselves and the world we live in. At this time you might also be thinking about finding innovative ways around the challenges of physical production and new ways working remotely.

We can accept most ideas but not journalism or current affairs led documentaries.

Core characteristic we’ll be looking for in our commissions:

  • Relevance: The ideas and themes that really matter to you and your community – however you might define it.
  • Talkability: Shareable content that gets people talking
  • Timeliness: Things that impact young people’s lives here and now
  • Originality: Content can’t be derivative, only innovative


Deadline: 6th July 2020

Budget: Up to £5k

We’re looking for strong ideas for short form films, from 90 seconds up to a maximum of 5 minutes, which can demonstrate the breadth of possibility offered by film. This could be through stylistic innovation, experimentation with sound, image, structure, narrative and storytelling, animation, performance, scripted drama, spoken word, dance, comedy, music, or any other means. Films can feature or blend different artistic forms and genres within each work. We envisage most films being between 3 and 5 minutes long, but if your idea warrants a longer film we are open to discussing this with you as long as it remains within the recommended budgets; however we are not looking for fifteen minute or half hour films. We want to hear new voices and see visual storytelling that is exciting and memorable. 

These films maybe single artist driven or collaborations. Lead Creatives must be aged between 16-30yrs but you can work with other age groups to deliver your project.

The film should last between 90 seconds and 5 minutes. Final delivery will require both a 16×9 and 1:1 (square) version. Full technical delivery details will be given at the point of commission and are in line with BBC compliance and delivery guidelines. 

Applications will be shortlisted to receive a development day from the New Creative Exec Producers and Development Execs. To be a shortlisted New Creative does not guarantee that you will move on to the commissioning stage.

Deadline: 6th July 2020, 17:00

Development Day: 17th July (Location TBC)

Resubmission Deadline: Monday 27th July Midday

Interview Panels: 5th & 6th August (Location TBC)

Notify Successful Applicants: 10th August


You will receive 4 main days training. The sessions will cover training in broadcast audio production, and self-branding and marketing.

Here you will develop your idea further with the guidance of your Exec Producers and Screen South in one-on-one sessions.

After this, you will also receive on-going training throughout the duration of the programme with a focus on guiding you through the process and what to do after you have made your film.

Each commissioned New Creative will receive a budget; these are variable depending on the scale and ambition of the work but are up to £5K

Your New Creative Producer will work with Screen South to assign you a professional mentor who will support you to produce your work.

From signing the Artist Agreement, you will have 3-4 months in production, including post-production and quality checks on your final work.

Finished work is delivered to BBC Arts and may be selected for a new strand, BBC Introducing Arts, which will showcase and introduce new artistic talent from across the UK via all BBC Platforms – on BBC iPlayer, BBC Taster, BBC Sounds, BBC television, BBC Radio – and beyond. We’ll look to identify the best platform for each idea.

Screen South will also be showcasing the work via events and festivals as well as encouraging and supporting you to do the same.