New Creatives – Where Can I Find The Content?

New Creatives

Where Can I find the content?

Screen South are proud to annouce the New Creatives which have been selected for broadcast and online via the BBC. See below for information on the scheme and to find out where you can watch and listen to all the content created for New Creatives across the Country.

Where can I watch and listen to the New Creatives pieces created under the Screen South Network Centre?


What are you really thinking on a first date?

Philip 21 positions you as the viewer to challenge your preconceptions, and it grants you agency in your choices in a new online interactive short film. Philip 21 is a new feature from the halucid_ Theatre Company, written by Philip Ofe, directed by Adam Glen and produced by Molly Young, that pushes the boundaries of interactive video. Play the Interactive Film Here

New artwork reveals there's more to soil than meets the eye

Henry Driver's new immersive video journey, Secrets of Soil, was inspired by his family's attempts to make their farming practices carbon negative. He presents a visually striking view of the world beneath our feet and explores his thoughts around how it would be possible to better care for and preserve it. Read the full article here

Cody (2)

The new Virtual Reality game recreating the experience of OCD

Ambitious new game Dichotomy aims to help players understand what it’s like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Designer Cody Wren, who has OCD, has utilised Virtual Reality to create a fun but revealing look at this much misunderstood condition.

Read the full article here

Get ready to experience the pace of change in the digital world

Singularity is an immersive Virtual Reality experience inspired by the way in which new inventions are appearing at an ever-increasing rate. Read the full article here

BBC Sounds

"Hidden Under Covers"
Natasha Luetchford

A spoken word poem capturing the author’s personal struggle with the overwhelming anxiety of getting out of bed and facing the world. The piece captures issues of the time such as the constant, gnawing exposure our generation has to news on global traumas as well as issues closer to home; such as the unexpected deaths of friends and loved ones.


On the outskirts of town. In a deserted 24-hour petrol garage, sits Pete, slowly crumbling in the monotony of the endless night shift. Amongst the groundhog day of customers, coffee, and stale confectionary, one moment makes it all worthwhile. Question is, will tonight be the night he finally makes himself heard? A story of discovering love in an alternative setting.

"Tonight I Slept Well"
Samuel Mansell

A touching, raw spoken word piece from the view of the narrator as he discusses his own problems sleeping and establishing the reasons behind them. We go on to explore other peoples insomnia as a result of different factors in their lives as we take on the voice of each character. Accompanying these chilling lyrics is a soundscape which allows the listener to envision the character's locale.

Maddison Crease

Welcome to the world of a ‘CHAV’. Walk beside her. Listen. Discover a world that you may usually be encouraged to look down on. Maybe you’re familiar with her way of living, or perhaps it’s new to you. Either way, she’s here to talk.

"We are Somewhere Below the Waves"
Florence Lines & Beth Perkin

Due to unpredictable weather and a warming climate, the East Anglian coastline is eroding at an ever-faster rate. For those that live along the coast, language often fails to articulate this immeasurable loss.

"Distortion (Monachopsis)"
Jasmine Ngosi Hanorah Ee

The life of a mixed-race person can be complex and confusing. You feel lost in your home country. You look one way and feel another. Forced to pick sides. A foreigner no matter where you go. But our lives can also be filled with love and variety. No two of us are the same. Clear your mind and listen to Distortion (Monachopsis) to step into a mixed-race person’s mind. Feel what we feel. Hear what we hear.

"Just Like Riding a Bike"
William Ford

Unchained bicycle, in a yoga studio, desolate… A failed 80’s indie singer appears as a cosmic mentor to two slightly pathetic twenty-somethings, and tries to get them to talk about their feelings. Will Theo learn yoga? Will Alice kick her softboy habit? Will anyone stop singing?

Luke Alexander-Grose

Returning home after years of living in London to find a place you no longer recognise; to be considered part of the FILTH. Failed in London, Try Home.

"Blackwater Mermaids"
Scott Hurran

Estuary life meets the underground garage music scene in this epic Essex-‘tail.’

"Grandma’s Home"
George Morgan

Two children discover a magical doorway leading them into 18th century Sierra Leone.

"Night Comes On"
Simon Wade

A mother travels to help her son after a life changing incident threatens to tear their family apart.

"The Waves"
Shola Lee

‘The Waves’ is a spoken word poem, narrated in the style of a guided meditation, and set against live beach sounds. As the speaker depicts an almost idyllic beach scene the listener is forced to reflect on the impact we have on our beaches.

"The Making of an Education"
Isobel Radford

‘The Making of an Education’ tells the story of “the one who dropped out of University”; a girl who moved back to her small and empty suburban town - a town that everyone loves to hate - and begins to find her feet in the world.

"The Sound of Beauty"
Anna Staufenberg

A middle-aged couple sit in their living room and reflect on what beauty means to them. Louise and Martin went to college together 30 years ago - he liked her, she had a boyfriend - and only reconnected in 2019. Now they’re engaged, and they’ve never seen each other.

"When Saftey is a cage and Danger is the air"
Alberto Sueri & Tehillah Hinds

Through sound design and documentary-style interviewees, this cinematic piece reflects on the emotional impact of the 2020 pandemic on the everyday lives of the British public. The aim is to evoke understanding across society, by exploring real-life experiences.

"Essex Girls"
Anna de Wolff Evans

Another day unfolds in a small Essex hair salon and the hubbub of hair drying, familiar chatter and laughter invites us in. Using a mixture of interviews and original poetry, this piece explores the Essex Girl stereotype.

"Petrichor Project"
Philip Speakman

Inspired by J. G. Ballard’s The Drowned World, Petrichor Project imagines the Norfolk Broads as a premonition of what East Anglia might look like in a future of rising sea levels and uncertain futures.

"It's A Magical Life"
Eleanor Boyle

In this piece, Cathy, an artist, explores her life in Kent, love of nature, music and community and how it all contributes to her positive outlook.

Toby Loxton

Two people, both with autism – and that’s where the similarities end. This piece is a dive into the subtle complexities of the autistic spectrum through getting to know the personalities of two people who share the same condition but who couldn’t be further apart in experiences, life choices and personalities.

Ray Carter

Butterfly is a poem about metamorphosis; a poem that simultaneously holds the histories and futures of the body and the self, that crosses between the fluid states of being, non-being, becoming and wanting-to-become.

"A Fenland Symphony"
Chris Bradbury

You think you know a place, but our cities are built on an array of stories and experiences. Six distinct people share insights into their lives around a world-famous city, known for it’s ‘town and gown’ divide!

"Mocha Love"
Bruno De Oliveira

Mocha Love is a modern R&B Opera, inspired by the countless stories of struggling artists balancing working full time jobs and being creative in their spare time. The story revolves around Spike, a singer/songwriter who works in a café.

"The Bittern Line"
Philip Mill

The Bittern line, an immersive audio journey across Norfolk, the train, weaving along the coast moves between listening to the stories of people who live and work along the line and the sounds of the wildlife in the area.

"Train Of Thought"
Ren Scott-Bridge

A young medical student writes poetry to reflect on a challenging psychiatric placement.

"Five Years from Now"
Amelie Edwards

Twelve scientists at the end of the world struggle to save the planet and the human race

"Two by Two"
Hannah Tookey

After a mass extinction, Earth’s last remaining humans must figure out how to survive.

Taylor Jack Smith

Foot Fall follows the stories of the occupants of a new-build housing estate.

"The Day the Internet Stood Still"
Max Barrett

With the internet gone for just 1 day, a journalist explores the various perspectives of the generation most effected by its disappearance, and how their lives changed for better and for worse.

"Hidden Sounds of Essex's Coastal Arcades"
Frazer Merrick

Through a series of binaural recordings, interviews and musical composition, sound artist Frazer Merrick explores the infectious energy of Walton Pier in north Essex

"A Messy Mentality"
Anthony Mower

A Messy Mentality is a series of poems about the difficult times in lives written by Anthony Mower from 16-18 years old.

"Paradise Island"
Scarlett Smyth

Kick-off your shoes and feel the beaming warmth from memories comfort your back, as you are guided on an island of the mind.

BBC iPlayer


Josh Merritt

In the absence of his parents, a sensitive child idealist tries to right the wrongs of the world outside from his prison inside a nuclear bunker. Pursued by an invisible force during a pollution alert, fighting off severe asthma... where else is left to run?


"Speak to me, Listen to me"
Kitty Holmes

A young photographer is on his way to meet a music journalist at a metal gig. The people he meets on the way make him reconsider his attitude to disability. The question is What can I do?; the answer is Speak to me, listen to me.


"The Audition"
David Hubbard

Sat backstage for the biggest audition of his life, Matty sticks out like a sore thumb. Surrounded by violins, clarinets and flutes, his love of drumming is a far cry from the musical elite. And there’s one other thing...

Speak_for_Herself_Still_9 2

"Speak for Herself"
Nick Willis

In a world where artificial intelligence plays an integral role in everyday life, a young and debt-ridden technophobe chooses to take part in a social experiment for the much-needed money. However, in order to receive the cash, she has to be broadcast live to the entire planet and speak for one minute.


"The Skin I Move In"
Christine Ubochi

Liberty decides to spend the first day of summer questioning her life and those within it. Instead of reflecting on their differences, she thinks about their similarities and the impact they’ve had on her. She realises that they have one thing in common - they’re all women. She begins to create an ode to not only the dominant female presence in her life, but to all women and the beauty in their stories, through her poem ‘The Skin I Move In’.

0.5% Production Still 8

Yero Timi-Biu

The streets of Margate are 97% White. Its Black residents, make up just 0.5% of a population of 65,000. Inspired by award-winning artist Barbara Walker’s Turner Contemporary exhibition 'Place, Space and Who' exploring the lives of marginalised Black women in Margate, 0.5% looks at excerpts of the lives of Black people thriving and surviving in a community, and the fleeting but powerful connection between them.

Adekemi Roluga

Six individuals, differing in age, gender and locality, but united by a shared experience. Taking you into each of their sunken places, we delve beyond their surface level emotions and explore often suppressed thoughts and feelings in the face of ongoing micro-aggressive racism.


"Mad Smooth"
Bea Cartwright

Building developers have forced the closure of roller-rinks across London, edging out large swathes of the city’s skate community. Inspired by real events, this short dance film depicts a group of roller-skaters as they take to the floors of an empty shopping complex. It crafts a vibrant elegy to inner-city public space whilst highlighting the need to protect access for creative communities.

jem film main 2_01966

Jemima Huges

Unbound is a colourful abstract animation inspired by Kandinsky, hand-crafted in vibrant painted paper. Bright cut-out shapes communicate the exhilaration of speed and movement as director Jemima Hughes, speaking with her electronic communication aid, tells us not to pity her as wheelchair bound, but instead to share her joy in thrilling activities and an adventurous life.

"Sensory Chaos"
Oliver Mariager

Oliver is a young man with autism and sensory processing anxiety. With his Mum’s birthday approaching fast, he heads to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients for a special surprise. Join Oliver as he navigates disruptive sensory stimuli and his own inner demon in his biggest challenge yet.

"Authentic Sardines"
Alice Humphreys

An animation that embraces a visual blend of 70’s colours in an urban aesthetic, creating a surreal, sarcastic and dreamlike dystopia. Authentic Sardines explores feelings of disassociation many young people feel under current social pressures; that ‘authenticity’ is a privilege that people struggle to access.

Solomon Triffitt

An anti-bac spray bottle is trapped in a nightmarish wasteland after being dumped into the wrong bin. Spray is tormented by grimy trash and demonic monsters as they venture through the surreal hellscape. With help from a drunk beer bottle, Spray must escape the rubbish underworld to reach the pearly gates of the recycling bin.

Harry Binstead

What happens when your entire conscious experience can be shared over the internet with the rest of the planet? And tuning in to anyone else’s is just a thought away - are you still an individual? What are you?

Emma Zadow

Lauren has been homeless for a while now. But she fishes for food. But when she shelters on the Cromer pier, she finds refuge in the nature around her. A world which is slowly eroding away. As she remembers the sea tales of her family, she quickly accepts her fate. A tense, regional story of what it means to be a homeless woman at the coast.

"A Conversation with my Enemy"
Audain Thompson

A young woman finds herself being interrogated by a familiar person she knows too well. A CONVERSATION WITH MY ENEMY looks at one of the most common issues we face in our day-to-day lives. With us being our own worst enemy.

"This Camera Is Broken"
Joshua Hext

We follow an ageing director as she makes her final film; one delving into her past. Face to face with the embodiment of her younger self, the line between her present reality and the film’s blur.

vlcsnap-2019-09-25-12h14m52s418 (3)

Isobel Palma

She tries to wrestle with it when she would rather hide away, and turns to different ways out. Although it looks at times as if she might lose, she hasn’t given up just yet. 

Xavier SK

A dance film, exploring different gender identities through music, movement and costume.

"When the Tides Went Down"
Jordan Buckner

As climate change threatens our future, how do we come to terms with the end of our existence? When the Tides Went Down is a short animation exploring our different responses to these turbulent times.

"Spirit Corp."
Sian Fan

A dark exploration into humanity’s fixation with the digital: in a possible future a human finds herself re-rendered into cyberspace, recoded into a virtual being.

"Headless Population"
Catriona Carswell

Headless Population is an exploration of modern-day life, focusing on our relationships with technology, the world around us and each other.

"It's not the End of the World"
Chris Dunleavy

What would happen if the ‘The Internet Of Things’ came alive? Probably not a lot. IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD is a comedy of error… messages. Detailing the failed attempt of artificial intelligence trying to take over the world.

"Ding Ding Next"
India Plummer

Modern day technology meets old-fashioned speed dating, a series of unfortunate dings.

"Selfie Stick"
Katie Bonham

Amber takes a selfie, but finds living with her ‘perfect’ pout not to be her #bestlife. Selfie Stick is a colourful, comical and surreal look at the modern age defined by social media, beauty and the selfie.

"What a Circus"
Anita Pico

Are we living a modern lie? In this extravagant satire, a mysterious carnival master walks us through the problems of our modern society, questioning the dangerous future we are building around us.

"Where Are You From?"
Sophie Gresswell

A personal look at questions of identity, at a time where migration, political isolation and reclaiming history are hot topics. Is it important to look to your own past in order to better respond to wider issues present today?

"Through a Screen Darkly"
Zac Spearman

The thin line between reality and imagination merges for Andrea, a young moderator at a social media company, as she reaches a psychological breaking point at work.

"Black Fish"
Simi Abe

A grieving mother finds photographs of the life her son would have had, if he hadn't passed away.

"Terra Firma"
Rehmat Rayatt

A spoken word film about a young woman's journey to discover her identity through the migration of her mother.

"Our Largest"
Marcus Forde

A young father and son discuss nothing and anything on a clumsy gathering mission. They carry an organ. They race. They carry an arch. They race. A ceremony begins.

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