Privacy Policy

Screen South - Privacy Policy

Screen South is a not for profit company which runs several projects encompassing Film, Digital, Arts & Heritage, and currently includes; Accentuate, BBC New Creatives, BFI Film Academy, Fifth Continent film making, alongside various other projects.

Screen South takes your privacy seriously and we ensure that all personal information, be it in manual or electronic format, is kept secure. We will only use your personal details for the purpose of contacting you with information about Screen South or our projects and forwarding invitations to you to functions organised by ourselves. We may contact you through our own systems or via a secure intermediary such as Mailchimp Please note we may be required to provide your name only to the management of any venue used by Screen South or our projects for the purpose of security. We may also ask you for any access or dietary requirements you might have for a specific event organised by Screen South – we will not keep these details on file after the event.

It is company policy that any diversity information provided to us is anonymised and your personal details will not be disclosed to any third parties unless we have obtained expressed permission from you.