Short Films 2005

2005 Digital Shorts


Katie’s mum has gone to a strange place in the sky and Dad’s stories seem to lose their magic.

Director/Writer: Zara Waldeback
Producers: Zara Waldeback & Lynette Norris.

Out Of Water

As the sea throws up clues about Maria’s true identity, a bizarre twist reveals a more sinister edge.

Director: Jacqueline Wright
Writer: Alice Lowe
Producer: Anne Henry.


Young Irish dancer Sinead would rather be Skateboarding but Gran has other ideas.

Director: Anita Parry
Writer: Josie Melia
Producer: Mike Berenger

Hammer & Flame

A vision into the maritime graveyards of northern India...

Director: Vaughan Pilikian
Producer: Justin Meiland

Plenty of Spoons

A chance meeting with a young thug brings a disturbing resolution for elderly Jack

Director: Simon Hook
Writer/Producer: Jayne Kirkham

Lofty Life

Shena, disciple of Michael Moore – sets off through grungy loftlife to find her lost camera and love.

Director: Josh Pulman
Writer/Producer: Carole Hayman
Designer: Janet Cronin

English Patience

A raid on a post office goes bad when an armed robber meets more than his match.

Director/Writer: Trevor De Silva
Producer: Chris Le Grys


Louise, lonely and lost, is soon to find she’s on the wrong road.

Writer/Director: Sue Whitting
Producer: Jo Sangster

Little Things

Four-year old Chloe sees a man shoplifting and asks her mum if she too can “shop like the man.”

Director: James Twyford
Writer: Anthony Bullock
Producer: Alex Feakes