Short Films 2006

2006 Digital Shorts


Charles has one last carpet to sell. But it’s old and it’s worn and it has an annoying habit of lifting off the ground.

Writer: Ewan Kilgour
Director: Graham Page
Producer: Hank Starrs


1890 fairytale in which a criminal turned “deck hand” grimly discovers that the truth will always surface; even if it’s not what you’re fishing for.

Writer: Heather Dixon
Director: David Ward
Producer: Adam Coop

The Space Between Us

What is happiness? What lies in the space between us? And how do we measure it? A film about love and how to catch it when it comes...

Writer & Director: Magali Charrier
Producer: Wendy Bevan-Mogg

A Quiet Drink

Two brothers, both fighting to stay sober. One slipping. The other helps in the only way he knows how – threatening to have a quiet drink.

Writer & Director: Mark Gillis
Producer: Heike Bachelier

Life Goes On

An old man tells his dog his life story. His loves and losses, the true meaning of what it is to be human

Writer & Director: Trevor Hardy
Producer: Alex Finbow

Fish Can't Fly

In a high-rise flat, a pet fish with a suicidal death-wish edges towards a fatal drop, as an audience below endeavour to save its life.

Writer & Director: Richard Murphy
Producer: Scott Horsfield

Blood and Chips

It’s a heat wave in Medway and in a local chip shop racial tension boils over with surprising conclusions.

Writer & Director: Ryan Phillips
Producer: Matthew Cornett


A short urban love story about beauty and self-belief, told through the eyes of an outsider.

Writer & Director Tessa Lewin, Producer Madeleine Mullet


A young couple sit on Portsmouth seafront attempting a “picnic.” This is a drama that invites you to question your preconceptions – from format to content.

Writer & Director: Sean Van Hales
Producer: Rebecca Callas

Ten Thousand Pictures of You

“Surreal, animated story about the destructive power of obsessive love. A rollercoaster ride into, out of, through and around a myriad of pictures in Sarah's fractured mind.”

Writer & Director: Robin King
Producer: Denise Hoey