Short Films 2007

2007 Digital Shorts


A documentary capturing the dying craft of artisan watchmaking; a fragile world that is fast becoming the stuff of history.

Director: Kat Mansoor
Writer: Will Hood
Producer: Kat Mansoor & Richard Landy


Every Shrove Tuesday, Diane makes pancakes for her husband. And every year, she tries to give up something bad for her. This year she’s using a new recipe.

Director: James Twyford
Writer: Stuart Perry
Producer: Ricci-Lee Berry


Birdfeeder is a film about hope. It is set in a possible future in Southampton where Seagulls have risen to the top of the food chain and we have taken a fall down the pecking order.

Director: Jo Barnes
Writer: Ben Pester
Producer: Barrington Paul Robinson

Stubborn & Spite

Two disabled drivers fight over a disabled parking bay - with drastic consequences.

Director: Lou Birks
Writer: Lou Birks
Producer: Emily Kyriakides

Would Like To Meet

A single mum looks for love in the lonely-hearts pages. Unbeknown to her, someone has decided to play cupid – her 8 year-old son.

Director: Trevor de Silva
Writer: Trevor de Silva
Producer: Harriet Rees

My Mother

Betty, 80, suffers from advanced dementia. Her daughter, Janet is forced to face the frailty, dependency and ultimate loss of the mother she loathes...and in doing so, acknowledges that history may repeat itself with her own children.

Director/Writer: Elaine Wickham
Producer: Jan Dunn

In My Head

Glen’s afternoon drink takes a bizarre twist with the arrival of his imaginary friend Clint who is adamant that Glen is a figment of his own imagination.

Director/Writer: Jamie Shearing
Producer: Lysander Ashton

Carlos The Dog

A man is driven insane by the incessant yapping of his dog ‘Carlos’.

Director/Writer: Russ Jone
Producer: Charlie Bowden

Odd Shoe

A young boy with battered old trainers discovers life has new meaning when he chances upon a brand new pair of leather shoes.

Diector: Paul Cotter
Writer: Clare Bloomfield
Producer: Lou Spain

Get Off My Land

A young couple’s walk through the countryside leads to a confrontation with the landowner and an unlikely challenge.

Director/Writer: Douglas Ray
Producer: Jonathaon Rawlinson & Amaka Ugwankwo


Cregan is fleeing from his home. Seeking refuge at his brother’s house, he witnesses a horrific event that forces him into a choice he should never have to make.

Director: Steve North
Writer: Dave Irvine & Kefi Chadwick
Producer: Richard Landy

Cregan portrays acts of violence and scenes of a sexual nature and uses strong language. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 15. For this reason it is not streamed on this website.

One Minute Wonders

Seven one minute short animation films, produced in partnership with Final Cut.

What Really Happened to Dinosaurs

Writer/Director/Animator: Simon Hill

Severance Pay

Writer/Director/Animator: Dominic Barnes.


Writer/Director/Animator: Paul Woolford

There Are Better Ways To Get Your Milk

Writer/Director/Animator: Kit Man


Writer/Director/Animator: Kampa Fonk

Cries & Whispers

Writer/Director/Animator: Tony Gammidge


Writter/Director/Animator: Tony Griffin