Short Films 2009

2009 Digital Shorts


When Erin steals photos her real feelings are finally exposed.

Writer: Judy Upton
Director: Sue Dunderdale
Producer: Diane Shorthouse (Shorthouse Organisation)


A desperate woman flees through woodland in the night, while nearby her potential saviours work on, unaware of her predicament. Will their paths converge?

Writer: Tina Walker
Director: Martin Malone
Producers: Francine Heywood & Laura Giles
(Trinamite Productions)

Dead Hungry

Jed’s a lost zombie, searching for brains. The problem is he can’t catch a thing. But can the pity of a recently dead/undead woman turn his luck?

Writer / Director: Will Bridges
Producer: Jon Drever
(Grain Media)

Lobster Club

Travelogue of a sex tourist in a land beyond the sea….

Writer/Director/Producer: Milo Waterfield (Sevenzeds)