Short Films 2010

2010 Digital Shorts


How does a drug addict make the decision to get clean and off the streets...

Writer/Director: Gordon Wilson
Producer: Gavin Humphries
Production Company: Quark Films

Man In Fear

When is an accident not an accident? When it is art...

Writer: William Jewell
Director: William Jewell
Producer: Daniel Nixon
Production Company: Fractured Films

Extraordinary Feats of the Seventh Period

Lance wants to Win; Reuben doesn't even want to take part. Two boys, one race - one massive obstacle...

Writer: Lee Thomas
Director: William Bridges
Producer: Ian Prior
Production Company: Extraordinary Films


Take me out tonight, where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive...

Writer/Director: Leanne Welham
Producer: Rosie Crerar
Production Company: Proud Mary


... was born with a whole in his head, he wasn't born stupid, he wasn't born dead...

Writer/Director: Mark Nute
Based on an idea by: Frank Pudney
Producer: Tim Searle
Production Company: Babycow Animation