BBC & Screen South launch New Creatives

BBC & Screen South launches New Creatives

100 new and emerging artists across the South East will be commissioned to make fresh and innovative short films, audio and interactive works in a new  talent development scheme being launched  today by BBC Arts and Arts Council England.

Screen South is working with BBC Arts and Arts Council England to deliver the New Creatives commission opportunity for South East regional talent as part of a new national programme. This groundbreaking initiative will offer life changing BBC commissions to 100 new and emerging Artists and Digital Creatives across the South East aged 16-30 who reflect the diverse voice of young people from a range of creative disciplines. Working with partners across the region, Screen South will support new talent to produce original stories and perspectives which will give audiences an insight into the creative minds and ambitions of our regional talent.

The first deadline for Film & Audio Commissions is midnight on 10th March 2019.
The first deadline for Interactive Commissions will open in March.

This is a 2 year programme so further deadlines will follow for future New Creative Commissions.

New Creatives is an exciting new talent development scheme offering commissioning opportunities for emerging talent to create new artistic digital media works designed for BBC platforms. Screen South is looking for Artists and Digital Creatives based in the South East, aged 16-30 who have strong creative ideas, a drive to create and who want to develop their original creative idea into a professional short film, audio or interactive media work.

New Creatives can come from many artistic disciplines including, but not limited, to any or all of the following – Dancers, Actors, Performers, Musicians, Writers, Filmmakers, Animators Comedians, Visual Artists, Poets, Spoken-word Artists, Rappers, Storytellers and Games Designers.

We’re open to creative and thought provoking ideas for new works that are fresh and innovative proposals for short films, audio and interactive that reflects on contemporary life in Britain. The ideas can be serious, comedic, absurd, challenging, provocative, abstract or polemic. We’re looking for creatives to push the boundaries on what constitutes art, makes people think and encourage new ways of understanding ourselves and the world we live in.

The BBC has a particular interest in opening up its platforms to new diverse talent by commissioning people who might not consider themselves artists or creatives, or who may have not been seen represented on screen, air or online before but have something to say and who may, with some professional support, collaborate to create something very special for BBC audiences – bringing mould-breaking ideas and perspectives that can help us experience, appreciate and understand the world in new ways. We welcome proposals from artists of all backgrounds, including those from minority ethnic groups, those who consider themselves to be disabled and those who are currently underrepresented in media and the visual arts.

This unique partnership between the BBC, Arts Council England and Screen South is replicated across England with 4 other Creative Media Production Organisations, who will also find, nurture and showcase emerging young creatives from their local area, London – ICA, South West – Calling the Shots, Midlands – Rural Media and North – Tyneside. Each New Creatives Network Centre will work closely with the young creatives to support their skills and training needs throughout the process to realise their ideas to broadcast standard.

These New Creatives will have the opportunity for their work to be selected for a new broadcast strand BBC Introducing… Arts which will showcase and introduce new artistic talent from across the UK across BBC platforms – this might be on BBC Four, BBC Radio 3, BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds or beyond.  We’ll look to identify the best platform for each idea.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for young creatives to experiment and connect with BBC audiences and beyond.

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What's it all about

New Creatives is an exciting new talent development scheme that offers commissioning opportunities for emerging artists to create new artistic works in film, or audio or interactive media, designed for BBC platforms.

The Creative Brief

The New Creatives opportunity has been broken down into 3 specific strands. Film, Audio and Interactive. We’re looking for creative and thought provoking ideas for new works that are fresh and innovative proposals for short films, audio and interactive media that reflects on living in modern England in some way.

Terms & Conditions

Here you can find out all the specific information about the opportunity and how to apply.

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